School is Back in Session!

You’ve visited the schools, met the teachers and bought the supplies. Finally you get chance to sit down for a moment and relax…and before you know it, your middle school child comes home with all of those supplies and more in a back-pack weighing around 40lbs! I called my friend and asked if her son was carrying bricks too? She...

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"Tech neck" reducing work productivity

Tech neck is becoming pervasive in the workplace and is causing more downtime. What is it? It’s that pain in the neck, shoulders, and back caused by hunching over a cell phone, tablet or e-reader for any length of time. Along with the short term stiffness and pain, it is being attributed to causing disc degeneration, arthritis, headaches, pinched nerves, and decreased muscle strength.

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Tech neck wrinkles

If the orthopedic woes of tech neck weren’t bad enough, now there are cosmetic problems too! Tech neck is a new problem in the medical world caused by the many hours we strain over our handheld devices such as tablets, e-readers, and mobile phones. The head-forward posture and hunch has been blamed for a laundry list of ailments including flattening of spinal curve, decreased muscle strength, spinal degeneration, disc compression and nerve damage according to Dr. Jeff Manning, a chiropractor in Dallas, Texas.
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Pain in the neck – Tech neck

A new phenomenon is in the works in our wireless, handheld world. More and more people are complaining about neck and back pain, and headaches caused by the constant strain of looking down at their electronic devices. Think about it- no matter where you use your cell phone, tablet or e-reader, you are likely peering down your nose with a bent posture, whether at a desk or lying on the sofa.

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iPad Pro 12.9 2018 model

iPad Pro 12.9 2018 model — latest iPad has front camera that is wider angle for facial ID, the Levo affects or blocks the camera enough that facial ID won’t work. Also, pencil charging port now covered. Other than that, works as advertised. Holds iPad securely. Facial ID being blocked is a pain though, I think they can fix this by making the semi-circle bigger. The pencil charging port, you would have to use only one pair of holders to rectify. Still a great product and I recommend buying, just hope they release a holder specifically for the latest iPad or modify the design slightly.

Hi and thanks for contacting us. With the new iPad 2018, the only issue is the face recognition, but I have a solution. The iPad has one camera on its long edge, and one on the short edge. These will both get covered by the Clamping Ends of our Dual Clamp. However, you can remove one of the Clamping Ends to expose one of the cameras. If you use your iPad in landscape mode, remove the top Clamping End. Your iPad will be very secure with the remaining three Clamping ends. We designed the Clamping Ends to be removable for this purpose. Here's a link to a quick video showing the process Contact us with any other questions.
purchased G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand plus several accessory items

We recently purchased the above items and we are very pleased with the products and the customer service for Levo is better than outstanding, it is SUPERB! I highly recommend Levo and look forward to possibly purchasing the desktop model as well. A very satisfied customer : ) Thank you Nan and Erica

This tablet clamp is excellent!

I have had the G2 tablet stand for just over a year and I love it. I was using the holder with the bungee cords. That was fine. Looked for replacement cords and found this Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle so I bought that instead. I also just splurged on a new 12.9” iPad. This cradle is so sturdy and unobtrusive around the edges. I really do love it. One very small thing of note: on the 3rd Gen iPad, it uses Face ID often (if you set it up). The cradle clamp covers the camera if you make it snug on the camera side of the iPad. A very easy and still extremely stable fix is to push that one clamp just a half inch or less away from the camera so it can “see” you for FaceID. Hopefully you can see in my photo what I described to allow the camera to work. Thanks for your products!

Fantastic for my neck injury

This book stand is the only reason I can start reading books and magazines again and I really love it. Thank you for making it happen.