How To Use A Tablet Stand Holder

With your tablet, you get the use of your TV, DVD player, cell phone, library, and computer all in one.  And with a tablet holder, using your tablet at home can make life even easier.  Here are some quick tips to show you how to get the most out of using a tablet stand and a simple step-by-step on how...

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4 Major Benefits for Using a Tablet Stand Holder

There are many benefits of owning a tablet stand holder for your home or office. A good tablet stand holder will be versatile enough to hold books, tablets or eReaders. You should use your tablet stand holder while reading in bed, sitting, standing or working at the office. Here are 4 major benefits for using a tablet stand holder: #1:...

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Tech Neck can be a pain in the neck!

April 2016 Today’s digital age is obsessed with staying constantly connected with electronic devices. Our love of communication on smartphones, tablets and e-readers is creating a constant neck ache called, “Tech Neck.” Tech Neck is a position where shoulders are hunched forward, neck is strained in an uncomfortable angle while you are looking down at the screen. As you crane...

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Behind the Scenes...How LEVO Came to Be

The story behind and its inception is one that epitomizes the adage – “opposites attract.” This phrase couldn’t be truer when it comes to Dave and Nan Simon, who have been married for fifteen years and have two children together, Molly and Brock. Dave and Nan created to bring uniquely patented, hands-free stands for tablets, books, and e-readers...

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Great product

I love it no longer have to hold my iPod and no more getting it wet or dirty in the kitchen while cooking and Aesop by the bed Thank you very much God Bless You & your family

No more stiff neck

It does everything it's supposed to do highly recommended

Excellent UPgrades in the Levo G2 Book Holder Floor Stand, but....

Thanks for contacting me. I have a list of observations about this product and my use of several of them over the years. I would love to send them to you. I just didn't know if it would fit in here if I cut and pasted it. Please let me know how I can best send it to you. Thank you

Great option to increase my productivity without having to replace my entire desk.

This has been a great addition to my work space. I am amazed at the quality of the construction and the materials used. The unit is very stable and extremely sturdy. They have definitely developed this with a focus on people actually using the product. The motor drive is very smooth and extremely quiet. I was able to mount my 34" curved monitor to the top bracket without any issues.

One of the concerns that I had going into this was how stable would the work surface be as I press pretty hard when I type. This hasn't been an issue as the unit has enough weight to be very stable.

With the convenience of the motor drive from sitting to standing, I find that I am more productive and have more energy during the day. Typically I will alternate every 20 to 30 minutes from sitting to standing. This has allowed me to work without discomfort and stiffness.

I would highly recommend this unit to anyone looking to improve their health by adjusting their work space from sitting to standing.

Exceptionally good

My son has cerebral palsy and has been using the iPad Pro for 3 years, he finally smashed it. Well we had to get a new one but I was not going to spend that much money and him not be able to access it by himself (he is in a power chair and only uses his left hand). So I spent the money for this product... I never know if something is really going to work for him until we try it out, many times money down the drain. The minute I inboxed this I knew it would work! It is sturdy and moves in all of the right directions... up, down, tilt, swing... it is awesome. You changed our lives...thank you so much! Eric’s Mom.