How To Use A Tablet Stand Holder

With your tablet, you get the use of your TV, DVD player, cell phone, library, and computer all in one.  And with a tablet holder, using your tablet at home can make life even easier.  Here are some quick tips to show you how to get the most out of using a tablet stand and a simple step-by-step on how...

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4 Major Benefits for Using a Tablet Stand Holder

There are many benefits of owning a tablet stand holder for your home or office. A good tablet stand holder will be versatile enough to hold books, tablets or eReaders. You should use your tablet stand holder while reading in bed, sitting, standing or working at the office. Here are 4 major benefits for using a tablet stand holder: #1:...

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Tech Neck can be a pain in the neck!

April 2016 Today’s digital age is obsessed with staying constantly connected with electronic devices. Our love of communication on smartphones, tablets and e-readers is creating a constant neck ache called, “Tech Neck.” Tech Neck is a position where shoulders are hunched forward, neck is strained in an uncomfortable angle while you are looking down at the screen. As you crane...

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Behind the Scenes...How LEVO Came to Be

The story behind and its inception is one that epitomizes the adage – “opposites attract.” This phrase couldn’t be truer when it comes to Dave and Nan Simon, who have been married for fifteen years and have two children together, Molly and Brock. Dave and Nan created to bring uniquely patented, hands-free stands for tablets, books, and e-readers...

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474 reviews

I love my Levo stand, I have had for about 4 years and I use it every day. I am an artist and use it for my reference photo on my tablet, I can zoom in on an area if need be , like I said, PERFECT!! I use it for a lot of other things too, but that is the reason I bought it to begin with. Thank You Levo!

Exactly as Ordered!

I ordered two sets of the bungee cords as backups to the originals (that are still holding up just fine) but I have a new computer connected to my Levo stand and just wanted to be sure I have the most secure fasteners possible. Thank you!

Love, Love, Love!

This is the perfect table for my RV! Portable, space-saving, awesome design... I could not have found better. Thank you!

Best IPAD stand Ever Made

LEVO make the absolute best IPAD stand for my IPAD. I’broke a few ippad’s while falling asleep in bed when they fell to the floor aftershocks I researched IPAD Stands from various company and LEVO overwhelmingly came out top when it came stability - LEVŌ has a heavy base that prevent the stand from fralling. The stand is very easy to assemble and the directions are great. The stand that I currently have has wheel on it which allows me to easily roll my stand to the kitchen to work off of a recipe in the kitchen or reach my boo/surfing the web etc while on the couch. The LEVŌ stand with a IPAD stand will travel. I’ve also rolled my LEVŌ stand out side and I hope to use it once my new hot tub gets installed. LEVŌ by far is the best IPAD stand available. I use it every night ready in bed and I have never broke my IPAD since. With my new IPAD PRO 12.9’’ and with my LEVŌ will travel I can be anywhere with my battery as backup to watch a TV show of movie on Amazon, NETFLIX or Apple TV any time any where it simply has no limits to the best ever made IPAD Stand that is also Awesome. It is also a great stand for the Samsung tablets as well. The LEVŌ staff are fantastic people to deal they are top notch and the products they sell are top notch too,

2nd Tablet Stand I bought in 6 weeks because it is an Amazing Product that can’t be beat!

I bought the LEVO G2 Essential Tablet Floor Stand about 6 weeks ago and I loved it. The freedom it gave me to use my iPad Pro 12.9” without having to hold it was super amazing. And, I did not have to take it out of the Otter box that I use to protect it, making it more incredible! My only regret was I wish it had wheels. Well, thank God my wife was eyeballing my new toy, for she allowed me to upgrade to the LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand which does have wheels.

The LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand is unbelievable. The wheel base looks to be very solid and heavy cast iron with the wheels already attached. Putting it together was so darn EASY! The directions are in pictures! Could not be any easier!

I have a very bad back and will soon be having a spinal cord fusion, so this product is a very valuable tool for me. Laying in bed, the arm extends out further than I need it to, so any adjustment I need to make to get comfortable, the LEVO G2 Deluxe will adjust with me. Height wise, there are 2 adjustable bars that easily move up and down and easily lock into place. The latches are big and comfortable to use too! My iPad Pro adjusts to landscape or portrait, and if I need to lay flat, I can watch Netflix movies on it because it swings in any direction I need it to. Most importantly, I’m no longer worrying about my iPad falling off the bed when I put it down or getting damaged if am trying to adjust to a more comfortable position because of my back. They thought of everything! If you or a love one is in bed due to health issues, this is a MUST have item.

Please do not be put off by the negative reviews. I was almost tempted to pass it by on Amazon because of of them. Thank God I did not listen to those negative people. On Amazon I said the first LEVO G2 Tablet floor Stand was the best thing I ever bought on Amazon, and I meant it. It is a well built product. My wife loves it now. I love this one better because of the wheels, and It goes everywhere, carpet floors...