Tech Neck can be a pain in the neck!

April 2016

Today’s digital age is obsessed with staying constantly connected with electronic devices. Our love of communication on smartphones, tablets and e-readers is creating a constant neck ache called, “Tech Neck.” Tech Neck is a position where shoulders are hunched forward, neck is strained in an uncomfortable angle while you are looking down at the screen. As you crane your neck forward to the screen, muscles begin to tighten and strain. If you spend hours hunched over a smartphone or tablet, this poor posture will lead to increased neck pain.  This constant strain of the upper body can lead to major medical problems down the road. Ouch!

So what can you do?

While nearly 60% of adult Americans own smartphones, according to a recent Pew Research Center Report; it is more important than ever to be aware of what we are doing to our bodies. There is a way to eliminate tech neck with the assistance of a tablet stand holder. View our best-selling tablet stand holder - LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand, which holds your tablet at perfect height while you sit, lay or recline.

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A great benefit of the LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand is that it is on wheels so it is highly mobile for relaxing around the home. The heavy base offers an adjustable reach arm that will not tip over and will bring your device to you, extending over the edge of your furniture.  You can adjust the swing arm infinitely, to be at perfect height while you lounge in bed or run on a treadmill.  Experience the full potential of your electronic device, without any strain, while your device is at the right height that is comfortable for you.

A tablet stand holder will eliminate tech neck caused by leaning over your smartphone or tablet too long.  Don’t treat it, prevent it!!! Learn more about Tech Neck.

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Hands Free

I just LOVE the Levo. I enjoy reading and my arms would fall asleep holding the books. Even when I sat at my desk I would get kinks and aching in my neck. The Levo has cured that. I can read as long as I can sit, and even better is the fact that I can move from chair to chair by simply rolling along with me. What a fantastic assistant. Now I will wish the holder would also swivel to a flat position. someday, you can bet some day.

Quick response for parts I needed.

We were happy to get parts we needed quickly after breaking the castors on our reading stand. We are back in business and reading away again :-)

Book Kit for LEVO Deluxe Laptop Floor Stand

Total relaxation

Perfect for zero gravity chair with a cat in your lap.

Wonderful customer service

After a little hiccup, Erica, from customer service, had my order all taken care!!! THANK YOU ERICA AND LEVO!!!!!! TOP RATE product and service!!!