School is Back in Session!

You’ve visited the schools, met the teachers and bought the supplies. Finally you get chance to sit down for a moment and relax…and before you know it, your middle school child comes home with all of those supplies and more in a back-pack weighing around 40lbs!

I called my friend and asked if her son was carrying bricks too? She laughed and said, “Yes, and the kitchen sink!” Our conversation was lighthearted, but it got me thinking and I just couldn’t kick the picture my young boy lugging his back pack around as if he was in boot-camp. He’s only 11! What kind of long-term damage will this cause? It has to be dangerous to his spine and back…and what will it do to the rest of his joints? I did a bit of searching and found many parents asking the same questions.

It’s ironic, because the engineers at spend countless hours designing and developing hands-free stands and holders for books and iPads, eReaders, etc…to release the strain on one’s neck and joints while craning over their electronic devices. Our largest combatant is tech-neck or text neck that is caused by this strain. If you haven’t heard these terms yet, you soon will.

But, we have yet to invent, the hands free, weightless back-pack…and until a wheeled backpack becomes “cool” we will need your help with some real suggestions. In the meantime, we’ll add this to our list of projects.

Until then, I came across some advice to offer. When choosing a backpack, look for one that is appropriate for the size of your child and has two wide padded shoulder straps, a padded back, and waist strap. Make sure that your child uses both shoulder straps to keep the weight of the backpack distributed across their back. Organize the heavy items lower and toward the center, and remove the unnecessary bricks.

And, with all kidding aside, I think the most important tip I can offer is to pay attention to your child every day. They probably won’t complain about pain unless you notice it.

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This Product is Life changing!

I work remotely from home when I am not traveling for work and gave up my home office recently in lieu of a movie room for my family. I am used to working in multiple rooms in my home and found it challenging. I received the rolling laptop work station 6 weeks ago and have to say that it truly changed my remote work life. The flexibility being able to easily roll it between rooms is so nice. The base is very stable and supports my heavy duty laptop. I am able to conduct video conference calls, create presentations and respond to emails easily and efficiently no matter where in the house I choose to work that day. The base is also designed to fit closely against any piece of furniture and I found it very easy to adjust for height. It is also compact enough to tuck away on the weekends in a closet or pantry. I highly recommend this product for anyone who works from home. Your only challenge will be from your kids trying to borrow it from you for homework!

Wow. I'm so glad your LEVO is helping you work remotely. Our mission is to enhance your work at home lifestyle. It sounds like we did that for you. Contact us any time.
Something for everyone

We have an assistive technology project library in Nashville, and never know exactly what we will need for the next visitor until they arrive. I ordered the Levo electric version with tablet and book holders for maximum versatility. The product is great, but I'm awarding four stars instead of five because of the packaging. You may want to spread out a tarp before opening the carton. We were delighted to see the new 12.9" iPad fits in the tablet holder. Nice job.

Thanks for your review. Updated packaging will occur in a future iteration. Our current packaging gets our LEVO to its destination without damaging any parts. That is tricky considering the heavy base. Our next packaging iteration will improve the presentation as the box is opened, and it will also be more earth friendly. Aside from that, I'm glad you like your LEVO.

I was delighted to br able to get the replacement casters at a reasonable price. Thanks for your help.


I love your product, my daughters got it for me a couple years ago. I have ALS and I'm unable to hold a tablet or use it without having it freestanding in front of me and a stylus strapped to my wrist. I broke a caster a couple of months ago and and feared I'd never get a replacement. I tried every description of your product I could think of before I stumbled on a picture on eBay. Once I got to your webpage I was in heaven until I realized you don't list casters as a purchasable item. On a whim I tried requesting "casters" and hooray I'm back in business.

My only complaint is that you're too hard to find. Do you sell the bungee cords?

Levo G2 Tablet Stand Height Extender