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4 Major Benefits for Using a Tablet Stand Holder

4 Major Benefits for Using a Tablet Stand Holder

There are many benefits of owning a tablet stand holder for your home or office. A good tablet stand holder will be versatile enough to hold books, tablets or eReaders. You should use your tablet stand holder while reading in bed, sitting, standing or working at the office. Here are 4 major benefits for using a tablet stand holder:

#1: Hands Free

It relieves the stress on your neck and wrists that is caused from looking down and holding your device. Swing your tablet holder to eye level and enjoy hands-free reading or browsing, so you can work or play more efficiently. Make reading more enjoyable while relieving the stress on your hands, neck and back.

#2: Minimal Bouncing

LEVO’s 20 pound base is firm and secure to steadily hold tablets, iPads and eReaders. The sturdy base prevents bouncing and tipping, while offering a long, adjustable reach to put your device right where you need it. Don’t worry - it is on wheels (see #3).

#3: Highly Mobile

LEVOs are on wheels so you can easily roll them throughout your home or office. This mobility is a great asset to encourage its usage throughout your entire home.  Trust me, you’ll want to use it everywhere you possibly can!

#4 Places your Tablet in Virtually Any Position

Our LEVO’s patented spin joint allows you to easily switch from landscape to portrait orientation.  And, its patented 5-axis swing arm allows you to infinitely adjust the angle to make reading more comfortable, while preventing neck aches caused by Tech Neck.


Our tablet stand holder is compatible with nearly all iPads, tablets and eReaders, with or without cases. Reap the benefits of LEVO and integrate your tablet into your life, at home or work, with a tablet stand holder from LEVOStore. View the G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand Holder - our 5-Star best seller!