4 Major Benefits for Using a Tablet Stand Holder

There are many benefits of owning a tablet stand holder for your home or office. A good tablet stand holder will be versatile enough to hold books, tablets or eReaders. You should use your tablet stand holder while reading in bed, sitting, standing or working at the office. Here are 4 major benefits for using a tablet stand holder:

#1: Hands Free

It relieves the stress on your neck and wrists that is caused from looking down and holding your device. Swing your tablet holder to eye level and enjoy hands-free reading or browsing, so you can work or play more efficiently. Make reading more enjoyable while relieving the stress on your hands, neck and back.

#2: Minimal Bouncing

LEVO’s 20 pound base is firm and secure to steadily hold tablets, iPads and eReaders. The sturdy base prevents bouncing and tipping, while offering a long, adjustable reach to put your device right where you need it. Don’t worry - it is on wheels (see #3).

#3: Highly Mobile

LEVOs are on wheels so you can easily roll them throughout your home or office. This mobility is a great asset to encourage its usage throughout your entire home.  Trust me, you’ll want to use it everywhere you possibly can!

#4 Places your Tablet in Virtually Any Position

Our LEVO’s patented spin joint allows you to easily switch from landscape to portrait orientation.  And, its patented 5-axis swing arm allows you to infinitely adjust the angle to make reading more comfortable, while preventing neck aches caused by Tech Neck.


Our tablet stand holder is compatible with nearly all iPads, tablets and eReaders, with or without cases. Reap the benefits of LEVO and integrate your tablet into your life, at home or work, with a tablet stand holder from LEVOStore. View the G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand Holder - our 5-Star best seller!

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The definition of sturdy

I use an iPad pro 12.9” with my Levō stand and no other stand comes close to what the Levō delivers in terms of pure quality. To support such a heavy tablet as the iPad pro, it takes thinking twice before you design something like this. Whoever designed the Levō did think twice, at least.

Great unit with one big exception. Please fix.

First of all, I’m hard on stuff which is why I spent the extra money to buy a Levo computer stand instead of the standard piece of crap cheepo on Amazon. If I don’t knock it around I know that my kids will which is why the product had better be made to stand up to at least a standard amount of house hold abuse. I’ve owned it for 3 days now and it appears to give every indication of succeeding on that goal.

I rate this unit a 4 instead of 5 for one reason. The designer made one annoying design decision that I firmly disagree with. The laptop tray joint uses a small loose L shaped bar as a way to lock in the desired viewing angle on a vertical axis. It is literally a small loose L shaped bar that will, I am certain, at some point in the next two years get lost. Yeah. . . . lost. Between using it daily in my own pilates studio along my kids screwing around with it, that L bar will undoubtedly get lost. Then what??? I fear a paper clip would be too weak so what else should I use instead?

Other than that I love the unit. As I mentioned I use it in my home pilates studio and my work out form has already improved because I am now when I watch my Pilates instructional video on Pilatesology.com I able to constantly able to slide the unit around my hard wood floor to attain an optimal viewing angle.

In addition, that L bar vertical axis join is not easily adjustable on the fly so sometimes I have to literally stop my class, find the L bar, pull it out, readjust the table head, lock the L bar back into position into the gear and then continue with my class. For a $170 dollar Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand its a total pain in the ass. Right? Arguably I should have purchased the tablet display and played class on that instead because the head rotates on a totally loose axis however I needed a desktop work station and I don’t want to purchase two separate units.

Anyway, 4 stars. Please fix the issue and send me a new free head :)

Thanks for your thorough review. I see that you like your LEVO aside from the Locking Pin. I’m with you! We added the locking pin only as an option for users who have an absolute need to lock the tilt. Actually, our design team doesn’t see a need for the pin but we added it just in case some of our users feel their laptop will be more secure with the tilt locked. The pin is really not needed. As you can see by adjusting the position of your Platform, the movements require a good amount of force – even the tilt. We designed the movements to be tight enough to support the weight of a large laptop, but not so tight that they can’t be moved by hand. As extra precaution, even if the tilt were to rotate by some unexpected force, the Safety Cord keeps your laptop from leaving the Platform. If you choose to use the Locking Pin, you’ll most likely keep your tilt locked in one position. For that reason, the pin would stay put and not get lost. But no fear, we have plenty in stock in case your pin happens to wander off. I use my LEVO Workstation daily without the Locking Pin and it works great. Maybe you can give it a try too and let me know your thoughts. Our team thrives on consumer feedback, so thanks again for your reply. Dave Founder

Apparently the levo I ordered no longer uses these cords.