Gadget Review gave our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand 4.8 ☆

Gadget Review gave our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand 4.8 

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LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand Review


Gadget Review - LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation StandWhether you work at home or at the office, there is a heavy price to pay for sitting in an uncomfortable office chair day after day. This is why many people buy an ergonomic office chair, to help ease their back pain. But if you work at home at a desk, and don’t want to make the leap to an ergonomic office chair just yet, you might want to try LEVO’s Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand.

Work Where You Want To Work

With this laptop stand, so you can at least switch to the couch occasionally. You can even work from bed if you want. And since it is completely adjustable, you can get your laptop at the perfect height and angle that is right for you. That will help you to avoid some of the aches and pains that are typically associated with desk jobs. In that way, it’s a cheaper alternative to buying an ergonomic chair.


Easy to use
Adjusts to any height and angle
Rolls anywhere you need it

The cord that secures the laptop could be better
That I didn’t start using it sooner

It allows you to work wherever you want so that you aren’t confined to a desk all day long. Now your bed, couch, or favorite reading chair can be your workspace. This laptop workstation extends over your furniture so you can sit all the way back in your chair, sofa, or bed comfortably. It has a total of 5 freely moving adjustments that give you the freedom to work in any position. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting, standing or laying down.

The base of the workstation is nicely weighted at 22 lbs so that the unit stays in place as you do your work and when you do need to move it, it rolls easily to your next destination. It will hold laptops up to 17 inches. And while some stands tend to bounce too much when you type, this one keeps it to a minimum, making it a fairly smooth experience as you type away.

Other features include quick locking height adjustments that will quickly adjust it from a sitting to standing position.

You could use this stand for a number of other things aside from holding your laptop. It would make a great rolling art desk for sketching or painting and musicians could easily use this for holding music sheets.

I was expecting a far less sturdy workstation, so it was a nice surprise to find that this one is durable and also has adjustments that lock and keep it in place after you set it. This versatile workstation will really let you work from just about anywhere. Those caster wheels roll around easily on both carpet and hardwood flooring, while the hourglass shape of the base is helpful for moving it around your furniture.

Freedom To Move Around

I do wish there was a better way to strap the laptop in though. They provide a bungee cord with clips on the end that you have to feed through the stand. It’s easy to use and put in place, but you do have to pull it hard to do so and that cord can slip and go flying if you aren’t careful. Aside from that very minor issue, there’s nothing but love for this workstation. It’s great to be able to work from anywhere and have your laptop at the perfect angle. This is a computer accessory that you will love if you work at home.

 LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand - Review 4.8 Stars from Gadget Review

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iPad pro

Works great I got the new 12” iPad Pro the Face ID didn’t work so I took my dremel and inlarged the hole now it works fine. As far as the pencil I will remove the top clamp or just keep it in the raised position.

Thanks for your review. Have you tried removing the top Clamping End? If you do, your pencil will sit nicely on your iPad. I included an image that shows the top Clamping End removed. To remove it, hold the Clamping ARMS in one hand while tugging the Clamping End towards the center of the platform. It slides in that direction. Here's a link to an image showing the Clamping End removed on top. Happy Holidays! Dave
Again, I score an A for Achievement in giving the perfect gifts to two special people

I bought the G2 Tablet stand as a birthday present for my busy professional sister a couple of years ago. She loved it and so did her husband who began using it regularly. My brother-in-law said that one of his favorite things to do is to use the Levo tablet stand to read online magazines and the newspaper while lounging in the bathtub with a glass of wine.

Additional observation of my sister has revealed that she does a lot of laptop work sitting up in bed, along with reading books. When I saw the new Levo laptop stand I knew that it would be the perfect new Christmas present. I immediately ordered it with the added book kit. In addition, I upgraded the previous tablet stand with the new dual clamp tablet cradle, adding the interchangeable book cradle. Today my brother-in-law called and reported that the new Levos have been assembled, are in use and they feel very happy.

Really...I can not wait to see what you next create.

Hi. Thanks for being such a fan of LEVO. I’m so glad your sister is putting your gift to good use. What will we work on next? Hmmm…. We have a new LEVO Music Stand in the works. Several musicians are envisioning a LEVO set on the side of their keyboard extending to the center. So, were taking a serious look.
Best on the market

I have had two other products before this one. All others broke within the first 6 months. After two+ years this product is still in great working order. I recently bought the new clamping part; a great improvement. I recently purchased another stand for a friend that recently bought an iPad. If you own an iPad, you need to buy this stand. Great product.

Great Product!

The stand is solidly built, and is almost endlessly adjustable. Very easy to set up and use. Thanks!

Perfect gift for my son and family.

I have had a LEVO stand for years and use it daily. I sent one to my son and family as a gift and have a feeling every member in the family will soon have their own! Hands free for reading, games, streaming, and typing is the only way to go. The simple adjustments to height and tilt, and movement around the room, reduces eye, neck and arm strain. The base is very heavy so it is not easily moved up and down stairs, suggest getting one for each floor. The solid base provides stability so it is definitely necessary. I can’t say enough positive about this product or the service from the company.