LEVO G2 Table Clamp Tablet Stand - Gunmetal Black
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  • Floats your tablet or eReader at the perfect height and viewing angle, while you sit, recline, or lie in bed
  • Patented 5 axis articulating swing-arm positions your tablet exactly where you need it, then collapses out of your way
  • While most clamps require a tabletop overhang of up to 2 inches, our patent-pending clamp can attach to tables with overhangs as little as ¼ of an inch
  • Lightweight - use it in your home or take it anywhere - fits in your carryon luggage too
  • Use it with your side-table or coffee table next to your sofa, at your desk, on your kitchen counter to hold recipes, or bedside stand for reading in bed
  • Holds iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Tab Pro, and all other tablets 12 inches or less. Best of all, it works great with our without cases


NOW INCLUDES NEW Pro Clamping Ends. Do you own a LARGE tablet such as an iPad Pro 12.9? You'll be able to use Face ID and Apple Pencil even inside your case!

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Clamp and Go

Your LEVO Table Clamp Tablet Stand easily clamps to a nearby table, allowing you to surf from your favorite chair, follow a recipe from the kitchen, work at your
desk, or watch a video from bed! The 5-axis articulation swing-arm allows you to position your device any way you want and fold it away when you are finished.


While most clamps require a tabletop overhang of up to 2 inches, our patent-pending "V" clamp can attach to corners of tables less than 1.6 inches with overhangs as little as 1/4 of an inch allowing you to clamp on to nearly any table or counter in the home or office.

Flexibility is Key

No matter what tablet you have, the LEVO Table Clamp Tablet Stand will be there to hold it for you. It is compatible with all iPads, tablets, and eReaders measuring up to 12 inches and up to 4 lbs.

Work Smarter

One of the best things about the Levo Table Clamp Tablet Stand is that is can go where you go. At only 6lbs, you can take it to your office or on business trips to ease neck strain and improve productivity. Or take a break and watch a few funny videos - we won't tell.

Endless Possibilities

Find a great recipe you want to try out? Easily mount the LEVO Table Clamp Tablet Stand to your kitchen counter and get baking! This hands-free setup will prevent sticky screens and it will hold your device at the perfect height. And since the LEVO stand is so easy to relocate, within seconds, once you are finished, you can take your device to the living room, bedroom or anywhere else!


The tablet mount rotates in all directions with a horizontal reach of 24" from the pole to the center of the device allowing you to mount your LEVO on either side of a surface and easily collapses out of the way.
And the stand easily adjusts from a minimum height of 5.5 inches to 16.5 inches from the top of the table to the center of the device and can quickly spin from portrait to landscape

Securing Your Tablet
Is Quick and Easy

You'll be able to secure and remove your tablet in seconds, and you'll have confidence knowing your tablet is mightily secured. Clever design allows versatility in tablet sizes from most smartphones up to tablets measuring 13 inches diagonally. Works great with most cases too!

Our LEVO Table Clamp Tablet Stand is incredibly customizable. If you prefer to use the stand to read, a book platform kit (Item #33701) can be purchases separately and attaches with ease.


Ask a Question
  • Can it be installed on a table to the left instead of the right as shown in all of your photos?

    Hi, thanks for your interest in the LEVO G2 Table Clamp Tablet Stand.  Yes, it can. This table clamp has a patented 5 axis articulating swing arm which allows you to position your tablet exactly where you need it.

  • Can the Levō 2G table clamp tablet stand be adapted to the floor stand? Are the parts interchangeable for optional use needs?

    Thanks for your question regarding our LEVO G2 Table Clamp.  The part which holds your tablet on the G2 Table Clamp is called a tablet platform or tablet mount. This platform is compatible with all our G2 Stands, and all of our LEVO Table Clamps and Tablet Stands come pre-equipped with either a tablet platform or a book platform.

  • Does it hold the new iPad Pro 12.9

    Yes. All of our LEVO tablet stands are compatible with iPad Pro 12.9, including our table clamp stands. I actually use my assortment of LEVOs for my iPad Pro, and I even use it with my thick case. It works great. The LEVO G2 Table Clamp is one of my favorite LEVOs. It's clamped to my end table so I can quickly swing it to me anytime. Of course, I have all the accessories such as our Book Platform. My daughter uses the Book Platform to read her school books. She'll sit and read for hours since her arms don't fatigue. Let us know if you have more questions.

  • Once the clamp is in place, how high can you elevate the part that holds the tablet. Due to cervical fusions, I cannot flex my neck and must have the tablet at eye level.

    You can use the LEVO G2 Table Clamp Tablet Stand to view your tablet at eye level on most end tables as the maximum height is 16.5 inches measured from the top of the table to center of the device.

  • Can the G2 table clamp be attached to a bed's head board, either on top or on the side, and then angled for comfortable reading while lying in bed?

    If you attach a long arm to your headboard and then extend it far enough over your head, the forces on your headboard would be huge. Our design team is concerned that this setup would damage your headboard. When attached to a side table, the extension length is quite a bit less. Therefore, we do not make a headboard mounted tablet holder or book holder.

  • I already have two Levo units where the e-reader is attached using black elastic bands. I just got a new Amazon HD10 and I wonder if I can buy just the 4-clamp tablet unit and its tube that will fit into the existing arms. The existing arms are fine. Cost?

    If you currently own a LEVO G2 Deluxe Table Clamp Tablet Stand with the bungee platform, then you can use the LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle.  Here is the link to purchase this accessory: https://levostore.com/products/levo-dual-clamp-tablet-cradle-for-levo-g2-tablet-stands?_pos=2&_sid=359490833&_ss=r
    The attachment arms are designed the same so you can interchange them.    

  • my 3rd gen iPad 12.9 with a Unicorn Beetle case, it now measures 11.6 x 9.5 x 0.75 inches. I would love to use Levo's rolling stand + iPad with UB case on it. What products would you recommend?

    The maximum clamping capacity for our dual clamp is 13" x 8.6" x .85". We recently designed new clamping ends to support thicker cases, but we have not modified the dual clamp to support your case.  

    The dual clamping tablet platform replaced our older bungee style platform.  We made this change based on customer suggestion.  We still have a few bungee platforms in our warehouse, though.  This will support your tablet with the case on.  You will need to contact us by email if you are interested.  We do not offer this platform for sale on our site.

  • How much weight can it hold?

    This depends on the furniture you attach it to.  If your furniture is at least 20lbs, the LEVO G2 Table Clamp Tablet Stand can hold up to four pounds.  The maximum weight the horizontal arm can support is 7lbs but their must be a sufficient counter balance.

  • Does it come with the bungee holder or the clamp holder? The pictures and videos seem to show both.

    All LEVO G2 Tablet Stands now come with the dual clamping tablet holder. The only tablet stand with a bungee platform is the LEVO G1 Table Clamp Tablet Stand. We are in the process of updating our site and videos to refect this change.

  • How far can the arms extend from the stand?

    The horizontal reach measured from the center pole to the center of the tablet platform is 24 inches.  If you cannot slip the base under your furniture, the horizontal reach is 18 inches measured from the edge of the base to the center of the tablet platform.

  • Can this be tilted completely flat (parallel to the floor), for example for reading when lying down on a sofa?

    The LEVO G2 Table Clamp Tablet Stand can be tilted parallel to the floor allowing for one to read while laying supine.

  • is it compatible with new book platform?

    The LEVO G2 Table Clamp Tablet Stand is compatible with the LEVO Book Platform Kit https://levostore.com/products/levo-g2-book-platform-kit

  • Can the clamp be rotated 90 degrees to clamp to an upright instead of a table?

    The LEVO G2 Table Clamp Tablet Stand was designed to attach only on flat horizontal surfaces with an overhang as little as a 1/4 inch and no thicker than 1.6 inches.  

  • Can the clamp be attached to a round object, such as on the side of a treadmill? Mine is basically a 2” pipe.

    We recommend that The LEVO G2 Table Clamp Tablet Stand be used only on flat surfaces.  We designed a treadmill extender for our LEVO G2 Deluxe Stand, though.  https://levostore.com/products/levo-g2-deluxe The maximum height for this stand is 56" but the extender increases it to 72" making it perfect for treadmills. Here is a direct link: https://levostore.com/products/levo-g2-height-extender  

Customer Reviews

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Shirley O.
A great product!

Since I am bed bound, this is just what I need to use my iPad. Works great and I love it.

Carrol G.
Well built and functional

I spent quite a bit of time looking for a product such as this. Even on Amazon, there was only 1 IPad holder that was similar to this and the price was higher. I learned about this holder from a friend and am more than pleased. It is well built and the extensions move with ease and it holds my IPad Pro in its case without any sagging. You would do well to purchase this product.

Best table

The best product I ever have!

Patricia M.

As an avid reader I noticed a negative change in my posture. Reading, in conjunction with Candy Crush, was truly aging me. I looked almost hunched over yet I'm not yet middle age. Flash forward to Levo and I'm a changed woman. My head/eyes now face forward when I read (or crush candy). No more looking down.

I love these products so much I own one table clamp stand and two stands on wheels. One of the wheeled stands resides in my bedroom. So I can read, or crush candy with one hand and pet a cat or drink wine with the other.

I can't believe I was without these products all these years. I truly believe I'll crush last years' number of read books now that I'm using the stands.

Thanks Levo!

The best!!!

We have tried several different ipad stands and holders over the years and this one has far surpassed our expectations, much better then anything we have ever had! We don’t know how we lived without them! You thought of everything ...high quality everything and adjustments at any angle we could possibly want and they dont budge ...our ipads stay nice and still and don’t bounce like others we have had. But best of all for us is how comfortable we are when we use our ipads now, no more neck or back pain. Thank you so much for such a well thought out, quality product at such a reasonable price, we are super happy!!!