LEVO Bungee Cord - 4 Pack
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Bungees allow for quick changes between devices of different sizes.

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We just developed a NEW Tablet Cradle

 Check it out here.



Additional Bungee Cords for our Tablet Platform are handy.

Our LEVO Bungee Cords are compatible with multiple devices. This way, you can quickly interchange between your various tablet pc's and eReaders. For example, you can pop off your iPad and pop in your Kindle.


  • Additional bungee cords for quick interchangeability of devices
  • 4 bungee cords to a set


    Weight 0.2 lb
    Quantity 4 cords


    • 30 day money back guarantee

    Questions & Answers

    • I use existing cords for iPad. Would extra ones hold a book?

      Bungees are used only to secure a tablet to the tablet platform.  If you would like to read books on your G2 LEVO Stand, we offer a Book Holder Kit that you can interchange the platforms out with a push of the button.  Here is the direct link: https://levostore.com/products/levo-g2-book-platform-kit

    Customer Reviews

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    Apparently the levo I ordered no longer uses these cords.

    Bungee cords last a long time!

    After years of using them everyday, I finally had one bungee that was getting stretched out too much so I bought another pack. Order came in fast and I love that they take Apple Pay. It made the transaction super fast and filled in my address and everything! Barely had to type anything at all. Great company. I just bought the Ipad grip holder to replace the bungee one. It looked sturdy and I use mine while I’m in the hot tub so I want a firm holder. I’ll update, once I get that. Hopefully it will replace easily. The stand is super heavy quality and I have had NO issues at all since I bought it.

    bungee cords

    new bungees work just fine installed on holder. holds my 12.9 ipad very nice + still use old bungee for wife 9.7 ipad no need to remove second set of bungee we can both same stand .


    Needed after a couple of years daily use, probably keep them too tight, wears them faster.

    Stop Looking... You've Found Them!

    I have a LARGE Galaxy Tab Pro tablet. The screen size is 12.2 inches, and as you might imagine, it has some weight to it! My first set of Bungees lasted just about 3 years. They didn't break, but they were getting stretched, and I didn't want to take a chance on one snapping. With the old bungees, my tablet was hanging down about 2+ inches below the bottom of the back plate, and I had to keep moving them so they took up room on the bottom corners of the screen. When I got these new ones, the tablet now sits about an inch above the bottom of the stand. I had forgotten just what it was like to have firm new bungees. Levo came through with fast shipping, and I actually ordered 2 sets because you never know if you'll find things that work great the next time you need them. Order with confidence. These bungees are strong and long lasting. You can't beat the price. Levo came through just as promised. Go For It!