LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand
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Your bed, couch, or favorite reading chair can now double as a workspace (workstation). Our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation extends over your furniture so you can sit comfortably all the way back in your chair, sofa, or bed. 5 freely moving adjustments give you the freedom to work in any position you want. Sit, stand or lay down. Our LEVO Laptop stand gives you the option to do all three.

  • Cantilever design extends your laptop over you so you can sit all the way back in your chair, not just on its edge.
  • Holds laptops up to 17 inches
  • Sturdy 22 pound base keeps your laptop from toppling
  • Perfectly positions your laptop while you sit, stand, or lie in bed
  • Specially engineered structure minimizes bouncing while you type
  • Safely holds your laptop on the platform
  • Quick locking height adjustments
  • Quickly adjusts from sitting to standing position
  • Works great as a rolling art desk for holding art pads for sketching or painting
  • Replaceable decorative base cover to match your decor
  • Holds books with our Book Kit Add-on (item#33715 sold separately)
  • Holds tablets with our Dual Clamp Add-on (sold separately)

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Where Rolling Laptop Stand


People love the features of our LEVO Tablet and Book Stands so much - we now bring you those amazing features - and much more - our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand allows you to swing and tilt your laptop into the perfect position! Feel the freedom of bringing your laptop to your favorite spot in the house or office, and work comfortably - whether you are sitting, standing, or laying down.


Imagine your laptop extended over your lap while you sit comfortably in your favorite chair or recline in your bed. It can be a reality! The LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand’s height and horizontal adjustments perfectly position your laptop so you can sit, relax, laptop and chill.


This LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand has sturdy casters so that you can roll it around your home or office, and a weighted base so that you can securely move the stand about with your laptop. The hourglass-shaped base is both attractive and maneuverable around furniture.


Tired of sitting slouched over your desk all day? This LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand quick lever height locks allows it to be easily adjusted from sitting to standing. Trying working from a new perspective - and think how impressed your chiropractor will be!


LEVO Laptop Stand

The base of our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand is shaped like an hourglass to hug the furniture. This allows you to roll it close to the furniture, without being in the way.

LEVO Rolling Laptop Stand

Another way to position your LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand is directly in front of your chair. The base makes a nice foot rest. Plus, you can control the position of your laptop with your feet - really, give it a try.


Platform Dimesions


Add flair and personality to your LEVO

Our custom graphic Skins add personality and style to your LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand. Each is printed on a high quality polymer for rich color. Removable adhesive allows you to change your LEVO’s look at anytime.

Click each image for a larger view. See it here

Espresso Fusion

Espresso Fusion

LEVO Graffiti

LEVO Graffiti





Book Kit

With the addition of our LEVO Book Kit, your LEVO Laptop Workstation Stand will easily transition to a book holder. See it here.

Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle

You can use this LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand, as is to hold your tablet, but for more secure tablet holding and inverted use, you can add our LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle for any size tablet. The platform for the LEVO laptop stand and the tablet cradle are interchangeable, so you can swap your laptop platform out for your tablet cradle whenever you want. See it here.


Ask a Question
  • is there a way to lock the wheels so it doesn't roll once I have it in the right position?

    We have locking casters but they are not on our site.  They are a special order item.  Please send us an email at sales@levostore.com to learn more.

  • Do you sell just laptop platform?

    We do not sell the LEVO Laptop Platform as an accessory on our site as it is not compatible with our other LEVO Stands.

  • How far does the arm extend? What if I want to lay closer to the middle of my bed? Do you have an extender?

    The horizontal reach on the LEVO Laptop Stand is 14.5"  We have an 18.5" arm but it is not listed on our site.  A counter balance such as a hand weight or heavy book added to the base of the stand may be required for stability.  Please contact customer service directly if you are interested.  You can email us at sales@levostore.com or call 1-800-928-2322.

  • Is there a "stand height extender" for the laptop stand? I love the laptop stand and want to purchase another, but it is a bit low when I am using my laptop, while lying on my bed.

    Yes, you can add the LEVO Height extender to the LEVO Laptop Stand.  This extender will increase both the minimum and maximum heights from 22 and 40 inches to 42 and 60 inches. I included a direct link to the LEVO Height Extender.

  • Do you provide delivery outside of USA?

    We only ship bulk orders internationally, but we have dealers in many countries.  Please contact us directly so we can find one near you.

  • How much strength is required to adjust the stand to different heights (e.g. from sitting to standing)? I am a disabled person, not able to hold or lift anything heavy. thank you.

    The LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stands' vertical columns are made of aluminum.  They are very sturdy, but also very light.  The height adjustment clamps have set screws that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the tension of the clamps.  The laptop platform weighs less than 2lbs.  It may be easier for her to adjust the height without the laptop mounted on the platform but we have many elderly customers that can do this with their laptop attached. 

  • I need the ‘laptop platform kit’ only without the stand. I have the book stand and the tablet platform part. Do you sell the laptop extension separate ? Thank you.

    The laptop platform that comes with the LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand is not sold separately or as an accessory.  It is not compatible with the LEVO G2 Tablet Or LEVO G2 Book Holder Floor Stands.  You can accessorize the LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand to hold books https://levostore.com/products/book-kit?_pos=1&_sid=b2a0a2cac&_ss=r and tablets https://levostore.com/products/levo-dual-clamp-tablet-cradle-for-levo-g2-tablet-stands?_pos=2&_sid=75319009d&_ss=r

  • I need something on the back to hold external hard drives. I was thinking about customizing it myself with a couple of screws and brackets. What kind of solutions do you have?

    We have a couple options that may help.  One is a brochure box and another is a utility basket.  Here is a link to view them: https://gyazo.com/3135e00e64c6a34e67f24dd9c18bffdf

  • Your Canadian distributors (PC-Canada.com, ErgoCanada.com) don't have the workstation stand yet. When will you make it available to them, for us in Canada? (I like buying from them because the shipping charge is much less than Levo from the USA).

    Thanks for your interest in the LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation stand.  This is our newest unit and once we are satisfied with the feedback we receive from our customers in the States, we will offer it to our distributors.  We have received wonderful recommendations for this unit and the LEVO Laptop Stand has been very well received.  I wish I could provide a definitive date, but we hope to release them internationally within 6 months.

  • I have an iPad Pro 12.9" tablet that is in a Logitech case with keyboard. Would this stand enable me to use the keyboard while keeping the tablet open to view the screen. It seems that if it holds a laptop it might work with my configuration

    We have not tested this stand with the 12.9" iPad Pro in a Logitech case, but upon first inspection, I do not think it will.  The laptop is held to the workstation stand's mount where the monitor and keyboard meet.  The laptop's monitor stays upright based on the laptops built in hinge joints.  It does not appear as if the Logitech case has hinge joints that keep the monitor in a locked position.

  • Is there anything available to hold an external mouse on the side?

    We are currently working on an accessory to use and store an external mouse. We will send you an email once they are ready.  

  • Could this also be used as a sort of portable desk for writing on?

    Hi. Yes. Our LEVO Workstation can be used as a portable writing desk. It's great for writing, sketching, and more. The top surface of LEVO's Platform has a texture, so you'll need to add a smooth material beneath your paper. 

  • how much weight can the stand hold?

    Great question. Our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation can hold up to 8 pounds.

  • I already have the rolling book stand. Can I order the laptop tray only to put on that stand? Just got the dual clamp tablet holder for use with laptop because I didn't know this was available. Is this new? Also, how do I remove one of the 4 arms on the tablet clamp? Thanks,

    The laptop holder on the LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand is not compatible with the LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Floor Stand because the tablet stand has a longer horizontal extension that adds more leverage. With the weight of a Laptop, the stand could tip.   To remove the clamping ends of the Dual Clamping Tablet Cradle, hold the arm of the cradle in one hand then wiggle and pull the clamping end towards the center. It will release.

Customer Reviews

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Serious awesome

Love this stand. Just purchased a 2nd. Seems to work with my MacBook 15 in and 13 inch pro. Great purchase.

workstation stand

Great product! My son is confined to bed for a few months after surgery and the stand has made his confinement tolerable. Thank you for your product.
Dee Conroy Tice


I RARELY write a review ... but I have to say this computer stand is AWESOME! I have a large screen laptop and it is fully supported. I can sit in my E-Z Chair and watch television while working on my computer. I keep the stand a bit on the high side and it has done wonders for my neck. I would recommend this product to anyone. I researched this for a long time and the quality and craftsmanship is second to none.
I chose to not use the plastic base cover as I liked the industrial look and it matches the table top. In my opinion, the plastic base cover should be eliminated. We really don't need the extra plastic. I hope Levo takes my suggestion to heart and makes the change for the environment .
All in all, I doubt these folks ever get product returned. It is above all expectations.

Perfect sit to standing platform in a small package

This allows me to lounge in my favorite IKEA chair and then stand. Quite sturdy with just a bit of wobble at full extension. I use with my laptop and iPad, even without the tablet option.

perfect for what I was looking for

I am glad I found this product after online researching hours. There was no other product that I could keep on side of my couch (instead of base tucked underneath couch) to hold my laptop. The flexibility of this holder is perfect, up and down, and twisting angle.