REFURBISHED LEVO G2 V16 Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand Cart


Your bed, couch, or favorite reading chair can now double as a workspace (workstation). Our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation extends over your furniture so you can sit comfortably all the way back in your chair, sofa, or bed. 5 freely moving adjustments give you the freedom to work in any position you want. Sit, stand or lie down. Our LEVO Laptop stand gives you the option to do all three.

  • Cantilever design extends your laptop over you so you can sit all the way back in your chair, not just on its edge
  • Holds LAPTOPS up to 5 pounds and 17 inches wide
  • Holds TABLETS up to 5 pounds and 17 inches wide with or without a case
  • V shaped base fits around the corner of your furniture or under your bed
  • Perfectly positions your laptop while you sit, stand, or lie in bed
  • Patented leveling mechanism is simple yet keeps your platform level
  • Safety bungee holds your laptop on the platform
  • Quick lever height adjustments
  • Quickly adjusts from sitting to standing position
  • Works great as a rolling art desk for holding art pads for sketching or painting
  • Holds books with our Book Kit Add-on (item#33715 sold separately)

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Rotate and tilt your laptop platform as much as you desire while your mouse platform stays level and directly next to your laptop. The laptop platform tilts from 0 to 70 degrees so you can work in any chair or even in bed supine.


Our V16 base is our lightest, slimmest base available. It hugs closely to your furniture so it’s not obtrusive in your room. Four locking casters make it easy to roll aside and back again whenever you need.


Four rests adjust to three different heights to hold laptops, tablets, sketchpads, music, and other documents.


Everything about our LEVO v-16 just...fits! Its portability fits your lifestyle. Its unique v-shaped base with rolling casters fits your furniture and your space. Its minimal profile fits your decor. Its swing arm, adjustable height, phone mount, and mouse platform attachment adapt to the way YOU work. No need to confine yourself to an uncomfortable stationary workstation ever again.


With a smart combination of essential features plus slim attachments, you can enjoy a complete workstation with the smallest footprint. The low-profile v-shaped base nests to the corners and legs of your furniture and slides smoothly under beds. Keep your best tools at your fingertips with a phone attachment and mouse platform. Leave the multitasking to LEVO so you can find your flow.


Our LEVO V16 is great for any situation where you have your hands full or need your lap free. Snuggle in with your kids on the couch while keeping your laptop at arm’s reach. Stay on top of things from the comfort and support of your bed. Take that webinar from your treadmill. Follow that auto-repair tutorial video step by step from your garage. We make sure the technology that makes your life easier is easier to use in the first place.


Sitting in the same place day in and day out while you work has its drawbacks. Considering a standing desk converter? Go a step further with our rolling laptop stand. Our quick lever height locks make it fast to raise to standing height and lower again for seated use. Roll it out of the way and back again when you need to. Restore your focus and energy for that important project with a change of scenery— just roll your LEVO to your favorite chair, window, or nook for a fresh perspective while you work.


LEVO Laptop Stand

LEVO Rolling Laptop Stand

Want to work from your favorite comfy spot, but find you contort yourself to balance your laptop, phone, and papers on your lap? So much for comfort! Instead, use our LEVO V16 to Levitate your laptop right where you need it so you can use it comfortably. Corral your phone and digital pencil in special mounts on the stand so you don’t have to get up again to find them once you’re settled in. For extra comfort, tilt the laptop platform toward you so you can kick back that recliner and keep working.


Platform Dimesions


Book Kit

With the addition of our LEVO Book Kit, your LEVO Laptop Workstation Stand will easily transition to a book holder. See it here.

Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle

You can use this LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand, as is to hold your tablet, but for more secure tablet holding and inverted use, you can add our LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle for any size tablet. The platform for the LEVO laptop stand and the tablet cradle are interchangeable, so you can swap your laptop platform out for your tablet cradle whenever you want. See it here.

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