LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand
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BEST SELLER! Our most robust LEVO Tablet Floor Stand! Its heavy base offers a long, adjustable reach, and keeps your device safe from catastrophic falls. The 5-axis swing arm holds your tablet at the perfect eye level. Its height adjusts high enough to read in bed or on a treadmill.

Now available WITH POWER to charge your devices. Select POWERED under Select a Style (located under the quantity).

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Product Description


This LEVO is loaded with several features, like our quick-lever height adjustment locks, a handy micro adjustment, a heavy-duty structure, a lustrous anodized aluminum finish, quick release platforms for interchanging tablets and books (Book Platform sold separately), and adjustable tension in each movement.


For stability and security, this LEVO Tablet Floor Stand incorporates a substantial counterbalance that our users love! You’ll be glad to know your device is safe from a catastrophic crash to the floor, as this LEVO’s 20 pound base provides unsurpassed sturdiness. Good thing it’s on wheels, so you can easily roll it throughout your home or office.


This LEVO is now equipped with a battery housing! Now you can charge your tablet while it’s attached to your LEVO.

Battery sold separately.

Battery fits through easy open door.

Use your cable to connect the battery to your tablet.

iPad Pro charging on LEVO. Battery is compatible with all tablets that charge from USB.


Why so many features to hold such a small device like a tablet? Your tablet is a serious device that brings the world to your fingertips. But, you can’t experience its full potential while it’s glued your lap, stuck resting on a table top, or swaying on a cheap stand. LEVO floats your tablet or eReader at the perfect height and angle while you sit, recline, or lie in bed. You simply get cozy, then swing, yaw, and tilt your device into perfect position. Place your device horizontal, upside-down, or anywhere in-between.


Our simple and quick tablet mounting is compatible with all iPads, tablets, and eReaders with or without cases. Quickly spin from portrait to landscape so you can view your pages or photos at their optimum angle.


LEVO’s 5 axis swing-arm quickly swings and folds when not in use, or when you’re ready to exit your furniture. When you return, you can quickly swing your tablet back into position so you can continue surfing in deluxe style anytime!


You can even roll LEVO throughout your home so you can surf in bed, in your favorite chair, or in your kitchen. LEVO is the perfect tablet and eReader accessory, and its lustrous anodized aluminum finish will look fabulous in your home or office.


Stand Weight 28lbs
Minimum Height 30 inches
Maximum Height 56 inches (Measured from floor to center of your device)
Maximum Device Weight 4lbs (most tablets weigh under a pound)
Maximum Device Dimensions 12x8.7 inches
Material Aluminum & Plastic


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 3 year limited warranty

Questions & Answers

  • What is the power output? Is it 2.1A/5V? It is a bit too lightweight for an iPad Pro.

    Yes... the power output is 2.1A/5V. It works GREAT for an iPad Pro. This LEVO stand is heavy duty but stylish. The owner of our company uses LEVO for his iPad Pro every day... even in its case.

  • What are the dimensions of the base?

    The base of the LEVO G2 Deluxe is 12.5 x 12.5 inches is one inch thick.  

  • Can you ship to sydney, australia

    Although we do not ship internationally, we do have a distributor in Australia.  You can find them by following this link.  http://www.ebookholder.com.au/aboutus.asp  

  • Want a.standing book stand that has a tablet and book capability. What do you offer that has this?

    If you'd like a LEVO to hold books and tablets, please choose our item #33768 (LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand) and add #33701 (LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit). You can search for these item numbers in our search tool.

  • Is there a portable light made for LEVO G2 for under tablet craft work?

    We have the perfect light for table craft work. This is our LEVO LED Task Hobby Craft and Reading light. It works great for low-light reading rooms, hobbies or "do-it-yourself" projects.  The ultra white, portable, 28 LED LEVO lamps will clamp or stand anywhere you need it. It's also easy on the eyes. This light also features three power choices for this light: AC adaptor (included), USB (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included)

    You can read more about the LEVO LED Task Hobby Light by following the direct link on our site: https://levostore.com/products/levo-led-light



  • Is this LEVO compatible with iPad Pro?

    Yes. All of our LEVO Tablet Stands are compatible with iPad Pro, and any other tablet up to 12 inches long on one side. LEVO even works great with your tablet's case.

  • Are you going to get the G2 Levo Delux Floor stand in Satin Aluminum finish back in? Soon? I need two.

    Hello. We change our LEVO style offerings now and then so we can offer a variety. Our current styles are espresso, cherry, and black. We don't have plans to produce satin aluminum at this time.

  • Is this compatible with Dell Venue 11 Pro 7000 series tablet??

    Yes, all of our LEVO tablet stands work great with your Dell Venue 11 Pro 7000 series tablet.  In fact, it is compatible with all tablets 12 inches or less with or without their cases!

  • Does this work with an iPad mini?

    Hello, and thanks for your interest in LEVO!  I'm happy to let you know that the LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand will work with an iPad Mini. Due to our revolutionary bungee system, our G2 Stands work great with tablets as small as cell phones and as large as the new iPad Pro.

  • Can you add additional arms for another iPad?

    Great question! We thought about adding the ability to attach multiple tablets, but the stand would become too unstable without adding more weight to the base. Even though our current base is heavy duty, it would need to be substantially heavier. We chose to go with our current base since, even though it's heavy duty, it's still very manageable on its furniture casters. The other option we had was to shorten our Swing Arm reach, but that is one feature that makes this LEVO so great. Shortening the Swing Arm would require less weight in the base, but would make this LEVO less spectacular.

  • Will the LEVO accommodate a book as well as the iPads?

    The LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand will work with books when you order a separate LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit.  You can find the Book Platform Kit here: http://levostore.com/collections/tablet-accessories-for-ipads-galaxy-fire-ereaders/products/levo-g2-book-platform-kit

  • Have you discontinued your

    Hi Doug. Thanks for your email. We have not discontinued our LEVO G2 Amped Tablet Stand. We had it offline for a short time due to low inventory for the holiday season. We added more inventory last week. If you see that the item is out of stock, contact us at sales@LEVOstore.com for more stock info.

  • We are interested in ordering the G2 Deluxe, powered version for use in a medical ICU. Where does the charger cable plug into the stand?

    Thanks for your email. The AC cord plugs into a side of the Base (bottom part with wheels), and can be removed to roll your LEVO throughout your home or office. You can plug the AC transformer into a socket on a wall. The cord length is 81” (6ft 9in) (260 cm). The USB charging socket is located on the Swing Arm near your tablet.  Your tablet’s charging cable plugs into this socket and then into your tablet for charging. I use a coiled charging cable like the one in the link below.


    With this setup, you can charge your tablet while it’s attached to your LEVO. There’s even a battery compartment in the back of the tablet cradle. We offer a rechargeable lithium ion battery made to fit inside this battery compartment. It’s a 6600mAh battery that can be used with your LEVO, and also as a stand-alone portable battery. If you need full-time battery power, you can utilize two or three batteries. While one or two are charging, one can be powering your tablet while it’s secured to your LEVO. Here is a link to our LEVO Rechargeable Battery Power Bank.http://levostore.com/collections/levo-accessories/products/levo-rechargeable-portable-battery-power-bank-6600mah-1

  • Can the wheels be taken off?When its pushed all the way down how many inches high is it at that point vertically?

    Thanks for your interest in our LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand.  The casters can be removed from the base, but the tablet stand will not rest stable without them.  The minimum height for this stand is 30 inches.  

    We have a great resource on our site which shows the specs. of all our LEVO stands side by side.  Please follow this link: http://levostore.com/pages/help-me-choose-a-tablet-floor-stand

  • This is actually 2 questions. 1) Is this compatible with an iPad Air? 2) Does this model have a USB port for charging? Thanks!

    Hi, two great questions!  Happy to say our LEVO G2 Deluxe works great with an iPad Air.  This stand can hold tablets as small as cell phones and as large as the iPad Pro, which is a little over 12 inches.

    The LEVO G2 Deluxe is our best selling tablet stand, so it made perfect sense to add a power option to it.  It is our newest model.   Item # 33777

    Please reference this link: http://levostore.com/products/levo-g2-deluxe and select the G2 Deluxe Powered.  

  • I love the G2 deluxe stand I purchased about two years ago. Afriend of mine is considering buying onefor his 12.9 inch iPad pro. He tried it on my stand but the G2 seems two small to accommodate it. Has tfe size of the G2 deluxe increased since I purchased mine or is there a special way to attach the 12.9 inch iPad pro? Thanks

    You'll be happy to hear that the LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand works great with the iPad Pro!  We created a tutorial on our site demonstrating how to safely secure an iPad Pro to the tablet platform.  Please follow this link to see: http://levostore.com/pages/ipad-prog-bungee-setup

  • How long is the horizontal

    Hi Tim, thanks for your interest in the LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Floor Stand!  The reach of the horizontal arm is 18 inches.  This is from the center of the base to the center of the tablet platform.  If the furniture is higher than 2.5 inches from the ground you can roll the base under thereby increasing the reach to 24 inches.  We have a great resource on our site which shows all our tablet stands' specs. side by side.  You can find it here: http://levostore.com/pages/help-me-choose-a-tablet-floor-stand

  • Does Levo compatible to Sumsung tablets & related products of different sizes?

    Hello, great question!  The LEVO G2 Deluxe iPad Floor Stand works great for tablets as small as most cell phones and as large as the iPad Pro which is 12.9 inches. The largest Samsung tablet that is compatible with the LEVO G2 Stand is the Galaxy TabPro S at 12 inches.  It's not quite large enough to accommodate the Galaxy View, but we are working on that. 

  • Can you type on an ipad while using the Levo? Or by typing will the Levo swing back?

    Great question! One of our best features is stability. We specially engineered our LEVO to minimize bouncing. We believe that this is one of the most important features of a tablet stand. If your tablet bounces while you type or surf on it, your brain will get dizzied and disturbed as if you were viewing the image in the link below. We don't want this to happen, so we invested time into our R&D to develop the sturdiest tablet stand possible. To make it any sturdier, we'd have to build it as weight lifting equipment :)

    Click Here to see dizzying image

  • I'm planning to bring it with me overseas ......just load the box in the suitcase....I think the total weight is about 32 lbs....how about the box, how big is it? Will it fit in a standard suitcase? Thank you!


    We wish you a happy trip overseas.  This unit has a total weight of 34lbs in its box and the box dimensions are 25 X 20 X 7.5 inches.  This would fit snug in a standard large suitcase.  


  • Is there a way to get replacements for the cords used to attach the iPad to the stand? Mine are getting pretty stretched out.

    Yes, there is.  You can find the LEVO bungees on our web store, here: 

    The bungees come four to a set and the cost is $4.99.  Since the shipping cost is $4.95, you may consider investing in two sets.


  • Can I order replacement cords for attaching an iPad to the stand? Mine are years old and need replacing.

    Thanks for your question!  You can find the LEVO bungees on our web store, here:  http://levostore.com/products/bungee-cords-for-tablet-platform.

    The bungees come four to a set and the cost is $4.99.  Since the shipping cost is $4.95, you may consider investing in two sets.


  • Any concerns about using your stands over a bathtub?

    When assembled correctly, our LEVO Stands hold tablets very securely. However, we do not recommend and discourage using any electronics near water.