NEW - LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle for LEVO G2 Stands

    You can purchase this Dual Clamp to your LEVO Book Holder to hold tablets. Swapping platforms is as quick as pushing a button and pulling either platform from your LEVO.

    • Quickly and securely attach and detach your tablet with the slide of a lever.
    • Compatible with tablets from the size of iPad Mini up to iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pros.
    • Compatible with most cases except for iPad Pro - see below.
    • Even works with smart phones!
    • Clamps top to bottom and side to side of your tablet for supreme security.
    • One simple lever slides to lock or release your tablet.
    • Great Feature - The clamping ends are removable. If one of the clamping ends obstructs your tablets buttons or charging port, you can remove that clamping end. This Dual Clamp works great with all four clamps, and even with three or two clamps.


    NOW INCLUDES NEW Pro Clamping Ends. Do you own a LARGE tablet such as an iPad Pro 12.9? You'll be able to use Face ID and Apple Pencil even inside your case!

    Item #: (WITHOUT Key Lock)

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    Product Description

    This is our Dual Clamp tablet cradle/platform. It can be used to replace your current Bungee cradle/platform on G2 MODEL STANDS ONLY.   It's one of our latest developments at

    You can simply interchange your current Bungee cradle/platform with this new cradle. It works with any size tablet up to 12 inches from iPad mini to iPad Pro. It will work with all tablets and cases within the maximum clamping capacity of 13.5 x 9.25 x .75 inches. You can also remove a clamping end it it’s covering one of your tablet buttons or charging port. No sweat, our Dual Clamp is powerful enough to work great with all four clamps, three clamps, or even two clamps. In most cases, you won’t have a need to remove a clamping end.

    Securing your tablet is super quick and easy with the slide of a lever. You’ll be able to attach and detach your table it seconds. Once attached, you’ll have confidence that your tablet is mightily secured.

    Our Dual Clamp will even hold many smart phones. See minimum clamping capacity below.


    Any tablet up to 12 inches.
    iPad Mini to iPad Pro
    Any Amazon Kindle
    Any Amazon Fire
    All Samsung Galaxy Tabs
    Dell Streak 7 to 10 Pro
    Lenovo IdeaPads
    ViewSonic ViewPad 7 to 10


    Any smart phone that measures 5 1/2 inches or taller.


    With the locking key, this Dual Clamp will require a key to remove your tablet or smart phone. We developed this primarily for commercial establishments where your tablet will be on display in public. It's a deterrent from theft. Most likely, you won't need this choice form home use.


    Our dual clamp is NOT compatible with our G1 Stands. It is compatible with our G2 Stands. Differences between our G1 and G2 Stands can be seen in the images below.

    G1 Stand

    G1 Stand

    G2 Stand

    G2 Stand


    Ask a Question
    • Can you rotate the cradle so that it supports portrait mode?

      Great question!  The LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle can rotate from horizontal to portrait.  

    • will this work with LEVO G2 book holder floor stand? I have a only LEVO G2 book holder floor stand, not G2 tablet stand

      The New Lev Dual Clamp Tablet Crade is compatible with your LEVO G2 Bookholder Floor Stand.  Happy Tableting!

    • How do you remove the clamps, if one blocks charging port?

      You can remove the clamping ends on the LEVO Dual Tablet Cradle Clamp by sliding the clamp(s) you want removed towards the center of the Dual Clamp.  To do this, hold the clamping arms with one hand and pull the clamping end towards the center with the other hand. The snap hooks are two-way snap hooks so they don't need to be squeezed prior to pulling off the clamping end.

    • will this work with LEVO G1 Table Clamp Tablet Stand?

      Thanks for asking.  The new LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle is only compatible with G2 Tablet and Book Stands and G2 Tablet Table Clamps.

    • A) What is maximum length between the up & down teeth of the Cradle when they are full expanded? B) Also what is maximum length between the right & left teeth of the Cradle when they are full expanded?

      When fully expanded, the maximum lenght between the two clamps on the new LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle are 13 inches on the long side and 8.6. inches on the short side.  The minimum expansion is 7 inches on the long side and 4.3 inches on the short side.

    • How does the new dual cradle platform connect to the bungee mount to hold in place

      The LEVO Dual Clamp Cradle does not connect to the bungee tablet platform.  The Dual Cradle is a tablet platform on its own that uses clamps in lieu of bungees to secure a tablet to a LEVO Stand.

    • Will this Dual clamp work with the table and stand models of your product?

      Great question!  The LEVO Dual Clamp Cradle for the LEVO G2 Stands and table clamps are compatible with all G2 Stands including the LEVO Essential Tablet Stand, the G2 Deluxe and the G2 Deluxe with Power, the LEVO Book Holder Stand and the LEVO G2 Tablet Table Clamps. 

    • Will it work with the cover attached to a kindle fire?

      The New LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle will work perfectly with your Kindle Fire with its case on.

    • Does it block the charging port on a ipad pro?

      Happy to let you know that the LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle will not block the charging port on your iPad Pro so you'll be able to charge your tablet while it is on the Dual Clamp.

    • How do I know if my stand is compatible with this? I've been using the Levo bungees.

      If your stand's vertical post is curved in any manner similar to the stand on this page, you have a G1 Stand.  These stands are not compatible with our LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle.  All of our other LEVO stands are G2 Stands which are compatible with our LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle.

    • Do you ship to Canada and if you do, who do you ship through and do you pay customs?

      We do not ship into Canada but our authorized dealer in Canada is  They will be happy to assist.

    • Will this new cradle platform connect to my stand when I disconnect my old platform with the bungee cords? Is is just a press of the button on the arm of the stand?

      You are correct!  Please depress the button on the stand's horizontal arm until it clears the hole and pull the tablet holder out.

    • How easy is it to switch the laptop holder/pad to the tablet one? I want to get the laptop stand, but would like to easily use my tablet too.

      Our Laptop mount is attached to the stand's horizontal arm with a bolt.  You will need to unscrew the bolt to remove the platform.  Our dual clamping tablet cradle uses a button lock.  You insert the connecting arm on the back of our dual clamp into the stand's horizontal arm.  A little tab will pop up through the same screw hole used to attach the laptop mount.  To remove the tablet holder, you press on the tab until it clears the hole.  

      Below are some helpful links.  The first is the owner's manual and the second is our assembly video.


    • I purchased my tablet stand several years ago and originally had the bungee cord cradle. I replaced it a couple of years ago with a clamping cradle, which works find with my Amazon fire tablet. But I now have a Kindle Paperwhite which is 4.6" x 6.6" and the cradle doesn't work with it at all. This doesn't look any different from the cradle I currently own. Will it really securely hold my small Kindle Paperwhite?

      For smaller tablets, you can use two of the four clamping ends on our LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle.  Please follow this link to locate the image of a mobile phone in our Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle.

    • My tablet falls out of the clamps easily. Am I doing it wrong?

      Thank you for reaching out to us.  Here is a link the the assembly video.

      It is possible that you are not engaging the slide lock located on the back of the tablet platform, or the slide lock is not working.  You want to position your tablet directly behind of the clamping ends.  Oftentimes, there is free space between the LEVO Logo printed on the tablet holder and the back of your tablet.  Once you engage the slide lock, you can compress the clamping ends and may hear a couple of clicks for a super sturdy hold.  If this does not help, can you please send us a little video so we can better advise?

    • Can the Dual Clamp mechanism be used to support a tablet if the user is lying flat on the back?

      When attached to your LEVO Stand, the dual clamping tablet cradle can be positioned so you can use your tablet while supine.  

    • Can the deluxe levo tablet stand work with the surface pro 7

      The maximum clamping capacity for our LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle for LEVO G2 Stands is 13.5 x 9.25 x .75 inches.  If your tablet and its case and/or collapsed keyboard are equal or less than those dimensions, it will fit.

    • I see where this holder is supposed to fit the iPad Pro, but the dimensions of my Pro is 12” x 8.75”. Will the holder work with my iPad? I was about to order replacement bungees, but found these. The holders seem like an excellent upgrade!

      The clamping capacity for our LEVO dual Clamping Tablet Cradle is 8.6 x 13 x .85 inches.  You will benefit by adding on the Pro Clamping ends to this mount which will increase the clamping capacity to 9.25 x 13.5 x .75 inches.

    • Does the locking clamp have a master key that will open all the clamps? Or are they all individually keyed?

      The locks for the LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradles are identical.

    • Is it possible to drill a hole in one of the clamps to allow an iPad lightning cable to attach to an iPad while in the cradle?

      Our LEVO Dual Clamping Tabet Cradle has a pass-through window as part of the clamps design where you can charge your iPad.  You will not need to drill a hole.

    • Is this interchangeable with the G2 Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand? If not, what suggestions are there if one would like the ability to use the stand for either a tablet or laptop?

      The LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle is interchangeable with the G2 Laptop Workstation.  The platform is mounted by a screw to the stand's horizontal arm. You simply remove the screw to remove the laptop platform.  The Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle can then be mounted to the stand with what can best be described as a button lock.

    • If I have an iPad Pro, I have to remove one clamp to use FaceID and another clamp in order to access the charging port. That leaves me with only two clamps. Is that enough?

      We recommend you order the Pro Clamping Ends, item 35411.  This will work with the new features Apple added to the iPad Pros including face recognition and the iPencil.

    • Its really hard to tilt. Is there any way to fix it? I have another one and didn't have this problem.

      The tension to the NEW - LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle for LEVO G2 Tablet Stands are set at factory.  On most models there is a tension screw on the back where you can take a coin and loosen it 1/8 of a turn.  Likewise, you can also tighten it in similar fashion.

    • How can I tell by looking if my stand is a G1 or G2 model?

      Great question!  G1 Stands have a height adjustment knob that is used to raise and lower the vertical pole.  G2 Stands have two height adjustment clamps.

    • So this is too small for the new 12.9 inch ipad pro, i did see that it might work with the pencil by not using one clamp will charging. Are you going to re-engineer for the bigger pro?

      The dual clamp will work with the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.  The maximum depth of this tablet holder is 22mm.  You may need to remove it from its case.  The clamping ends can be removed if they are blocking any ports or buttons.  We are reengineering this unit for the new iPad Pro, but it does work with it and we have hundreds of customers currently using this unit with their Gen 1-3 12.9" iPad Pros.

    • What is the maximum thickness of the supported device?

      The maximum thickness of the LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle is .85inches or 22mm.  The long end of the clamp extends from 7 to 13 inches and the short end extends from 4.3 to 8.6 inches.  We recently added an artist rendition image showing the specs for the dual cradle.  You can find it here:

    • I have an old Levo stand with the bungee platform. I want to replace it with this. The round mechanism in the back of the bungee platform is loose because one of the washers or bolts fell out and got lost. Do I need that round mechanism to attach this? And if so, do you have replacement parts for the lost bolt or washer?

      The LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle will work with all LEVO G2 Model Stands.  I am not sure if you have a G1 or G2 Stand though.  Both our G1 and G2 Stands came with a bungee platform, so I need to confirm the unit you have first before I can confirm compatibility.  Please email and our customer service representatives will be happy to help.

    • The dual clamp cradle blocks the Face ID sensor on the 2018 iPads. Any suggestions?

      The clamping ends on the LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle can be removed if they are blocking any cameras, buttons or ports.  Here is a link to a video tutorial on how to remove the clamping ends:  

    • Will it fit the New iPad Pro 12.9” ?

      The new LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle will accomodate the 12.9" iPad Pro.  You may need to remove it from its case.  Please scroll through the images and you will find one that illustrates the specs for the dual clamp's capasity.  

    • In the product description, it says this works with surface pros, but it also says it only works for tablets "up to 12 inches." Is the "12 inches" a diagonal measurement? Or is it a measure of either width and/or height? I have a surface pro 4, which I believe has a 12.3 inch diagonal display (probably closer to 13 inches with the outer trim accounted for), but which is only 11.5 inches in length and 7.9 inches in height. Will this stand hold my surface pro 4?

      Great question!  

      Your Surface Pro will fir perfectly with The LEVO Dual Clamping Cradle. 

    • Will dual clamp work on an older Levo with the arch style arm?

      The Dual Clamping Tablet Platform is compatible only with the G2 Series of LEVO Stands.  The LEVO Stands that have the arch arm style (Shepard's hook) are G1's.

    • I have the LEVO G2 Amped Tablet Floor Stand with Dual USB Power. Will this tablet holder fit it? Are there directions for installing it?

      Our Dual Clamping Tablet Cradle is compatible with your stand and we provide instructions on how to install it.  To remove an existing tablet holder, you press the plastic square that is protruding through the topside of the stand's horizontal arm.  This is a button lock. Once that tab clears the hole you can pull the tablet holder out.  Then install your new dual clamp in the opposite fashion.