LEVO Caster for LEVO Tablet Stands

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Caster for all LEVO stands


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Just like new

After several years of use our stand wheels had gotten to not rolling so well from dirt and pet fur in them. My wife loves the stand and it was great to restore it to new condition for just a few bucks with new wheels.


I was delighted to br able to get the replacement casters at a reasonable price. Thanks for your help.


I love your product, my daughters got it for me a couple years ago. I have ALS and I'm unable to hold a tablet or use it without having it freestanding in front of me and a stylus strapped to my wrist. I broke a caster a couple of months ago and and feared I'd never get a replacement. I tried every description of your product I could think of before I stumbled on a picture on eBay. Once I got to your webpage I was in heaven until I realized you don't list casters as a purchasable item. On a whim I tried requesting "casters" and hooray I'm back in business.

My only complaint is that you're too hard to find. Do you sell the bungee cords?

The best there is

I have been the proud, and very satisfied owner of a Levo bookstand for over ten years now. It was with me through medical school, residency and fellowship training. It has weathered many moves and yet it looks and works today as it did on a first day I got it. This is a remarkable product that will make a world of difference in your level of comfort and productivity. It’s one of the reasons I treasure it and was very concerned when during the latest move the caster wheels have been displaced. I turned to the website hoping they would still make the wheels for my old model and thankfully the wheels fit all of them. I am a happy camper once again. Thank you Levo for being there for me.