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Need to attach IPad or magazine more easy way. And also need to make easy angle to my any position. It can not make right angle to my lay down position.

All Levo products are great

The light works great. Very convenient.
I have many Levo products and all are great.

Very impressed

This stand is a little pricey but it is quality. The base is very heavy but it won’t fall over. If you get extra bands you can hold an iPad Pro with the otterbox defender case with the backplate attached. It holds nice and snug and it won’t fall on while laying in bed.

LEVO bungee cords are the BEST

Tried some more expensive bungee cords from Amazon. They are not custom fitted, lower quality. Stay with the LEVO bungee cords. And their better price.


The bungee cords were just what I needed, however the shipping cost exceeded the cost of the product which I thought was excessive. All you had to do was put them in an envelope and put a little $.47 cent stamp on it.

All good ! Works well

All Good ! Works well

Secound time around and still love'n it!!!

I have arthritis in my hands and holding something for any length of time gets painful. This makes it my second Levo. I have had a G2 Book Holder Floor Stand for about six years and love it. So when I got a Kindle HD 10 it was a no brainer I use it by my easy chair while watching TV or when I'm down in my man cave. I plan on taking it with me when I have warming house duty this winter. I love the new colors, mine is brushed crome and gray. Love it ! Love it ! Love it !

Shipping Too Expensive

For two sets of bungee cords weighing near to nothing, I was charged ten dollars for shipping. Two stamps would have sufficed.

Nice, flexible light

The Levo task light, like everything else Levo makes, is a fine product. It clamps right onto the book platter but can also clamp onto many other things for localized task lighting, or sits nicely on its own base on a table. Three perfect levels of light control. Very nice, indeed!

I love it!

I had the old version for years and loved it. this new one is much better and perfect for my iPad pro. my husband in enjoying my old one. if you have back and neck pain from holding up books or tablets, this is for you. I tried other brands and nothing compares. this is the best one on the market and at a reasonable price.

Incredibly useful iPad Pro rolling stand! I am so so happy!!

The products from Levo are very high quality. We have found additional uses for the rolling iPad stand. It is incredibly useful. I am thinking of ways to create backdrops for holidays and special occasions for our grandchildren. We use the screen as a rolling duo as well. Great company!

bungee cord

Very happy to stock up on bungee cord. Now the iPad is not dropping down anymore.

The best there is

I have been the proud, and very satisfied owner of a Levo bookstand for over ten years now. It was with me through medical school, residency and fellowship training. It has weathered many moves and yet it looks and works today as it did on a first day I got it. This is a remarkable product that will make a world of difference in your level of comfort and productivity. It’s one of the reasons I treasure it and was very concerned when during the latest move the caster wheels have been displaced. I turned to the website hoping they would still make the wheels for my old model and thankfully the wheels fit all of them. I am a happy camper once again. Thank you Levo for being there for me.

Replacement cords

I love my tablet stand. I mainly use it in bed at night as it can be positioned over bed creating a great area to work, catch up on social media or watch shows. Adjustable and sturdy. Need new cords as I have used for several years with several tablets.

Great product

If your looking for a hands free device to hold your iPad or any tablet including a Surface Pro, look no further. It’s very adjustable for height and position while clamping securely to almost any table. It is well constructed and attractive. It moves fully out of the way when you need to move and is suitable to enable hands free use of a tablet while in bed, a chair or at ones computer desk.


LEVO G2 Book Holder Floor Stand

Great Stand

Solid stand that will make your reading far more comfortable and less straining on your neck.


LEVO G1 Table Clamp Tablet Stand

Light is satisfactory and is getting used all the time.

Nothing to complain about with this purchase. However, I puschased a Levo Book Stand and would have liked to get a shipping tracking number so I can plan to be available when it is delivered. Also, a question was submitted to Dave concerning the possible availability of a Book stand clamp (to attach to a table), and I got absolutely no reply. In summary, it would help greatly if some sort of tracking info could be provided, and a timely reply to questions about items.

Levo Bungee Cords

Great product. I am addicted to reading on my iPad and the LevoStore and their products are excellent--and so is there customer support. I give them my highest recommendation. My experience as a customer could not have been better.

Levo G2 Stand

Just what we wanted- a nice quality basic stand at a reasonable price that went together in 2 minutes and actually works- what else could you ask for!
Thanks Dave for a nice product at a nice price-


Sturdy, strong, and keeps up so well. And it folds up so small.


I am a college student with a lot of health issues including back surgery as well as I need surgery on my neck. This book holder has made homework so much easier and I can read my lessons as many times as I need to instead of just what my body would allow. I carry a minimum of a 3.5 and I am sure this will help improve that GPA. Thank you for an awesome product and God Bless.

Perfect solution!

We ordered this to facilitate the needs of a student who is physically handicapped.

An extraordinary product

This past march I received a heart IDC planted into my chest....and in the materials that came with it I was told to be careful of falling asleep with an iPad or other tablet, that might fall onto my chest and turn off my heart appliance! I was addicted to reading with the Ipad...and surely didn't want to give it, or reading up....
So I researched all sorts of "holders" for my tablet and then discovered this G2 floor stand. It was an extraordinary choice! In the event of a cataclysmic natural event......I will grab service dog, pocketbook and Levo Tablet stand and take off into my escape ..... I never ever want to be without it for the rest of my life! The ease with which I move it about on my main a testament to its excellent design. I am able to put myself from bed to chair to bed again...and read, or watch is just so wonderful. My arms, hands, whole body is no longer encumbered by the "tablet" and my fear of dropping it is gone. Instead, it tilts along with my own tilt.....When folks come to visit, instead of taking out a Michaelangelo drawing for show and tell, (I haven't got one) I show them my Levo Tablet stand....someone today took a picture with his smart phone to send to his ailing dad. This object seriously has affected in a positive way, my quality of life and I am deeply grateful to the designer and manufacturer. Thank you. Are we able to buy the little bungy cords that hold the tablet in place to save for the future....?

Amazing gadget

I adore my stand. It works well with my mini ipad, especially on plane and train journeys. I have bought a job lot of them and given them to people as gifts. I am going to have to buy a load more for my next round of gift giving.

Excellent Customer Service by the Owner!

I had trouble receiving my Levo Deluxe Stand and was very disappointed. I responded to a email from Dave the owner to check on how I liked the product and told him I was disappointed that I had not received it from UPS and that his customer service person made me wait 5 days to declare it lost before I could order a new one. Dave did everything he could to make it right including giving me his personal cell phone number and calling and texting me to get my order right. He even sent me a new device holder and batteries at no charge. He was very generous. I got it for a friend who was bed ridden from an accident and it's exactly what he needed. Thank you Levo Store!

Customer service went out of there way to help me out.

The product is great solid and performs as designed. I paid double for the stand, because I arranged to send it to Costa Rica. Only a twinge of regret.

Item works great

Ordered an extra set of bungee cords for the iPad stand. They arrived quickly and work well.



Did not work as expected

The book holder is so heavy that it leaned over; the clamp and arm could not support it. The clamp was pushed in to the limit.

Highly Recommend Levo!

My husband loves the Levo G2 Deluxe Floor Stand for Tablets and eReaders I purchased for him in 2014. The original bungee cords are alittle worn out from normal wear and tear. I purchased replacments, which were delivered promptly at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Levo.

Levo Extend Your Phone.

Easy to put together when I got it. I used it right away. It helps me so I sit up straight so I don't bend at the neck and shoulders. I do not want a tech neck. I use it in bed, wheelchair and in office. I have arthritis in the shoulders, neck and hands. This is a life saver. Thanks for selling this product. The magnet holds my Iphone 7 in place wonderfully

Good price

I have been looking for these bungees for a few years. I just recently found the LEVO website and was very surprised to find the bungees I needed for my iPad stand. The price per set (4 bungees) was very reasonable. It was such a good price that I purchased a few sets. These bungees were a little thicker than the original bungees that came with my iPad stand. Maybe the extra thickness will last longer than the originals. So far, they have been working perfectly by keeping my iPad secure even when I have it suspended above me while lying on the couch. I was very impressed with the ease of the online purchase and the expedience of delivery. I would definitely purchase from this company again.

Levo Luggage Tray with Removable Power Pack for Smart Phones, Tablets, and E-Readers

This is an excellent product. I highly recommend it to anyone who is on the go!!! The tray is sturdy, stable, and stays put (use only when item you attach it to is stopped), when attached to the handle of my luggage, rolling backpack or rolling cooler, and will come in handy when I travel and when I attend outdoor concerts and have to wait in long lines. I will be using the charger everyday, and as well as for Emergency Preparedness purposes, to charge all of my portable equipment (cell phone, tablet, and 7" tv/dvd player).


Terrific product

Many times these days products do not live up to their hype. This is not the case here. This book holder is fantastic! They have thought of everything to make it work. Don't hesitate. Go ahead and order one.

Five star

Excellent . Just what it should be

Love these Levo tablet stands

Bought two of these for myself and my husband. They are well made and fit nicely clamped on our bedside tables. We can comfortably watch and read our ipads. We love them! Thank you for the great product.

Difficult Assemby

The instructions are non too clear. What is clear, is that the writer is vastly intelligent, or that they have assembled on or more before.

Best task light!

This is a great task light. The led brightness is adjustable, the viewing area that's illuminated is actually helpful! (How many times have you had to buy multiple lights to cover the are you need?!), bust what makes it the best is the base. Every other light I've purchased was either a clamp only or a table lamp only. The fact that this one is both, without having to purchase an additional accessory, along with the excellent -adjustable!- range of illumination makes this task light so much better than any other I've tried before!

Love my new Levo bookstand!

I had a Levo bookstand that I got three years ago. Unfortunately, that design failed after two years. This bookstand, the G2, is a much better construction. The design is sturdy and well thought out. I have had mine for three weeks now and I have not had to adjust it once since I set it up! My first one I had to adjust constantly as it would slip in height. I'm looking forward to years of use of the G2 bookstand. I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Love the computer & book LEVO.

Really like the quality of this product! Going to buy one for my dad for xmas.
Works at all levels and locations that I need! Easy packaging; easy to carry when packaging; simple to put together.
The interchangeable book and computer trays are excelent!!

Levo Book stand

The Levo stand was everything and more that I was looking for. Very high quality product.

Great product

Well made. Serves all the purposes I needed.

review of book holder

Be my last effort to leave a comment--Email form won't work. Good product, stronger than older version, harder to "load" a book on. Recommend to anyone needing help holding books.

Great! Thanks

My Levo iPad stand was the most appreciated gift my husband ever gave me.
I received it after a difficult surgery four years ago that laid me up for a while and have use it ever day since. It was a surprise that now I can't live without,
Recently the bungee cords begun to look saggy over time ( don't we all ) .
Husband came through again and contacted the company that sent out at a nonimal fee new cords and it is a good as new.
Thanks to both hubby and Levo.

book holder

I have an older book holder which still works fine. The new version may be a little more strongly made and is a little better looking. I recommend to anyone with arthritic hands. It is a little harder to "load" a book on the new than the old.


LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit

Flexible and useful.

I have been using the product for several days. It is well designed and easy to assemble, It accommodates many types of reading materials and easily adjust to the best reading angles. Me neck is gradually healing with its use.