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Portable Desk

This item works perfectly. I need no longer to bend my neck to read and it holds the largest books well. Many thanks,
W. Jost Michelsen, MD


Everything was good!

Great Product and Service

My old bungee cords were wearing thin, so I ordered new ones to replace them. The new bungees arrived quickly though the mail and are working well!

Reading pain-free for first time in many years!

A neurological disease called Dystonia makes holding a tablet or book very uncomfortable for me. My neck, hands and forearms experience fatigue, pain and involuntary muscle contractions. With the LEVO Deluxe Tablet Floor Stand I'm now reading from an iPad relatively pain free. So much so I find myself using it every day. Saving my pennies to get the LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit. :-)

Assembly was fairly easy other than the base being a bit cumbersome due to its weight. Phone a friend if you need help. Once assembled that extra weight comes in handy as it prevents the stand from accidentally tipping over.

Great Product

Quality product. Quick shipment. Works exactly as advertised. I would recommend.

Excellent product

Easy to assemble. Works just as advertised. Recommend buying some additional bungees to save on shipping later on. You can easily use multiple sets of 4 bungees to quickly attached different size devises such as an Ipad and then a smaller Note.

Terrific product!!

Works exactly as needed and as advertised. This is the second product I’ve ordered from you. Very pleased. Thanks!

love the tablet stand!

We have his and hers stands for our iPads and find them well constructed and easy to move around.
A superior product.


LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand

Great stands for iPad and book reading

I searched for a long time to try to find a good iPad/book-reading stands, even bought a few other products but none of them provided features like LEVO G2 Deluxe iPad stands. It has all 6-degree of freedoms that allow me to adjust to any poisition. It has heavy yet mobile base, and sturdy arms. The arm locking mechanism is adjustable for easy/smooth yet stable positioning. I also bought a book-reading accessory, which allows me to use it for reading book as well.
I no longer feel neck strains after book-reading and using iPad with the G2 stands. It’s a great saver and best ergonomic equipment.
The customer service is excellent and the shipment was prompt.

Great product

I love it no longer have to hold my iPod and no more getting it wet or dirty in the kitchen while cooking and Aesop by the bed Thank you very much God Bless You & your family

No more stiff neck

It does everything it's supposed to do highly recommended

Excellent UPgrades in the Levo G2 Book Holder Floor Stand, but....

Thanks for contacting me. I have a list of observations about this product and my use of several of them over the years. I would love to send them to you. I just didn't know if it would fit in here if I cut and pasted it. Please let me know how I can best send it to you. Thank you

Great option to increase my productivity without having to replace my entire desk.

This has been a great addition to my work space. I am amazed at the quality of the construction and the materials used. The unit is very stable and extremely sturdy. They have definitely developed this with a focus on people actually using the product. The motor drive is very smooth and extremely quiet. I was able to mount my 34" curved monitor to the top bracket without any issues.

One of the concerns that I had going into this was how stable would the work surface be as I press pretty hard when I type. This hasn't been an issue as the unit has enough weight to be very stable.

With the convenience of the motor drive from sitting to standing, I find that I am more productive and have more energy during the day. Typically I will alternate every 20 to 30 minutes from sitting to standing. This has allowed me to work without discomfort and stiffness.

I would highly recommend this unit to anyone looking to improve their health by adjusting their work space from sitting to standing.

Exceptionally good

My son has cerebral palsy and has been using the iPad Pro for 3 years, he finally smashed it. Well we had to get a new one but I was not going to spend that much money and him not be able to access it by himself (he is in a power chair and only uses his left hand). So I spent the money for this product... I never know if something is really going to work for him until we try it out, many times money down the drain. The minute I inboxed this I knew it would work! It is sturdy and moves in all of the right directions... up, down, tilt, swing... it is awesome. You changed our lives...thank you so much! Eric’s Mom.


This was the third type of product we purchased that finally did what it was intended to do. My wife and I use this to watch videos in bed, on the sofa, etc. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable phone holder.

I’m reading books again!

I’ve suffered from neck pain for years, ever since a riding injury, and I’ve always had to read lying down on my back. This wasn’t super comfortable but it’s got the job done and I could (sort of) live with it. When I got another whiplash injury recently, however, I couldn’t even read on my back because it hurt my neck to hold the book up - a real problem because I’m a college professor! The Levo has been a godsend. I’m able to read and use my tablet so comfortably now! I’d actually describe the lack of pain as bliss. I had to improvise a little to be able to read printouts of articles - I took off the Velcro book holders and added a potato chip clip to the top to keep the paper from flopping down (I read with the book or paper over my head facing downwards - amazing that the Levo can do this - I’ve wished for something like this for years!). For my purposes the only drawback is that the Velcro book holder plates create a kind of bumpy background for underlining, taking notes in the margins, etc. However this is minor. The best part is that I’m also starting to read again for pleasure. I hadn’t realized just how uncomfortable I actually was - basically I was reading what I had to read for work and then running away - but now that reading doesn’t hurt It’s *fun* again! If you have neck pain definitely give this a try. It could really improve your life.

Very Happy

I am very happy with my new LEVŌ G2 Delux tablet stand. It is easy to move to different locations, holds my iPad at the proper height, and is helping relieve strain on my “tech neck”.


LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand

Excellent Product

I already owned several Levo book stands. The are the only stands I have found that can hold large books for my research. I ordered this clamp stand to read in bed. Like the Levo floor stands, this product works perfectly.

Hasn’t been delivered.

Will you please find out where it is and notify me the buyer and the recipient? Thank you

Great reading light!

We have now purchased two of these awesome lights! Bright and convenient for night time reading!

Super happy

Great stand. It is my favorite guilty pleasure. It makes it so comfy to use my tablet. Really substantial, never tips over and can be arranged to many positions. My husband was always commenting on it so I just bought one for him. I am glad that they now have a charging port on this stand. Best stand out there.

The folks at Levo have been fantastic to work with. They were even tracking our shipment and noticed that there was a problem, contacted us and resolved it quickly. Increbidle service in this day and age. My husband's stand arrived well before Xmas and he is stoked. No more cramped neck or shoulder pain. Super happy with their customer service and products!!!


Perfect gift for Christmas! Love my Levo. What a handy device.

Very Pleased

I am trying to attach pictures.


Excellent Product, The best of the best!

Great product! Better customer service!!!

We have owned our Levo iPad stand for almost 5 years, finally had to replace the bungee cords. Ordering, shipping, customer service & products are all top-notch. We are definitely Levo brand loyal!

Still a great stand...

This is still a great stand, though they have redesigned it and made it harder to use. I used the older version for years, and it is still in service. I call it the "hump backed" bookstand. Still, I use the new one every night for books, and the old one during the day for knitting patterns. The clamps are harder to use than the screw in clamps. It is a not as easy as the previous model to position the book holder. I bought the tablet version so that when I have to replace my desktop computer, I can get a tablet, but have not used it for a tablet. I got the book kit so I can use it to read. I have to use it lying on my side, so the lack of a support for side sliding books is an issue. I got some heavy duty clamps and put them on the support at the "down" side of the book, top and bottom. One of these days I'll get a ruler or stick and put it under the clamps for better support, but it is usable now. I have to lay the book flat on its back every time I have to move the paddles that are held on by Velcro. This is fairly frequent, since it isn't designed to hold a book sideways and I need to put those paddles maybe a couple dozen pages forward, and on the page I just left.

Great products

In the past few years I purchased three Levo tablet/book stands. My wife uses one for her IPad and I use two of the stands on each side of my living room chair, one for my IPad and the other for my current book. The quality of these stands is great. The bases are heavy so I don't worry about them tipping over.
Recently, I ordered some extra bungee cords for my IPad stand. My order didn't show up, but when I contacted Levo, they sent me anothr envelope with an extra set of bungees. Thank you Levo for your great products and service.

Useful and bright, needs color choices

We love the 3 brightness settings and the lamp is perfect for reading in bed at night however we found other clamp-style LED lamps that gave you a choice of color besides the bright blue light (i.e. warm, natural) that we felt was more appropriate for nighttime reading.

Great Product

The portable table is well made and does what it was designed for. I enjoy all of Levo products. They are well designed and work so much better than others. The quality is the absolute best.

So far, so good.

Assembly was straightforward. Quality appears high and should last for many years of service. Initial test run was just what my wife wanted. Cat purring on her lap, knitting needles flying and reading her latest book.

Great Product

Works very well, but it is a little shaky. I highly recommend the LEVO Extend Your Phone.

My Husband Loved it!

I got this for my Husband and he loves it a lot.

Love it

Great product. Very easy and wonderful to use. Makes me want to read even more! Thank you!


Very happy with response time.

Great product!!

Great!!! Love it!

Exactly what I was looking for...

Extremely pleased to have found this stand. Having neck issues - now feeling some relief as I can lean back and have my tablet and book come to me in a comfortable position. Base is nice and heavy, won't tip over even with heavy book. Easy to assemble. Worth every penny. Thank you for a great product!

Great product!

I can already tell this tablet stand is helping my 'tech neck.' Quality product, not junk from China. These would be great also for folks who are chair- or bedbound. Highly recommend!




Need to attach IPad or magazine more easy way. And also need to make easy angle to my any position. It can not make right angle to my lay down position.

All Levo products are great

The light works great. Very convenient.
I have many Levo products and all are great.

Very impressed

This stand is a little pricey but it is quality. The base is very heavy but it won’t fall over. If you get extra bands you can hold an iPad Pro with the otterbox defender case with the backplate attached. It holds nice and snug and it won’t fall on while laying in bed.

LEVO bungee cords are the BEST

Tried some more expensive bungee cords from Amazon. They are not custom fitted, lower quality. Stay with the LEVO bungee cords. And their better price.


The bungee cords were just what I needed, however the shipping cost exceeded the cost of the product which I thought was excessive. All you had to do was put them in an envelope and put a little $.47 cent stamp on it.

All good ! Works well

All Good ! Works well

Secound time around and still love'n it!!!

I have arthritis in my hands and holding something for any length of time gets painful. This makes it my second Levo. I have had a G2 Book Holder Floor Stand for about six years and love it. So when I got a Kindle HD 10 it was a no brainer I use it by my easy chair while watching TV or when I'm down in my man cave. I plan on taking it with me when I have warming house duty this winter. I love the new colors, mine is brushed crome and gray. Love it ! Love it ! Love it !