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Highly Recommend Levo!

My husband loves the Levo G2 Deluxe Floor Stand for Tablets and eReaders I purchased for him in 2014. The original bungee cords are alittle worn out from normal wear and tear. I purchased replacments, which were delivered promptly at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Levo.

Levo Extend Your Phone.

Easy to put together when I got it. I used it right away. It helps me so I sit up straight so I don't bend at the neck and shoulders. I do not want a tech neck. I use it in bed, wheelchair and in office. I have arthritis in the shoulders, neck and hands. This is a life saver. Thanks for selling this product. The magnet holds my Iphone 7 in place wonderfully

Good price

I have been looking for these bungees for a few years. I just recently found the LEVO website and was very surprised to find the bungees I needed for my iPad stand. The price per set (4 bungees) was very reasonable. It was such a good price that I purchased a few sets. These bungees were a little thicker than the original bungees that came with my iPad stand. Maybe the extra thickness will last longer than the originals. So far, they have been working perfectly by keeping my iPad secure even when I have it suspended above me while lying on the couch. I was very impressed with the ease of the online purchase and the expedience of delivery. I would definitely purchase from this company again.

Levo Luggage Tray with Removable Power Pack for Smart Phones, Tablets, and E-Readers

This is an excellent product. I highly recommend it to anyone who is on the go!!! The tray is sturdy, stable, and stays put (use only when item you attach it to is stopped), when attached to the handle of my luggage, rolling backpack or rolling cooler, and will come in handy when I travel and when I attend outdoor concerts and have to wait in long lines. I will be using the charger everyday, and as well as for Emergency Preparedness purposes, to charge all of my portable equipment (cell phone, tablet, and 7" tv/dvd player).


Terrific product

Many times these days products do not live up to their hype. This is not the case here. This book holder is fantastic! They have thought of everything to make it work. Don't hesitate. Go ahead and order one.

Five star

Excellent . Just what it should be

Love these Levo tablet stands

Bought two of these for myself and my husband. They are well made and fit nicely clamped on our bedside tables. We can comfortably watch and read our ipads. We love them! Thank you for the great product.

Difficult Assemby

The instructions are non too clear. What is clear, is that the writer is vastly intelligent, or that they have assembled on or more before.

Best task light!

This is a great task light. The led brightness is adjustable, the viewing area that's illuminated is actually helpful! (How many times have you had to buy multiple lights to cover the are you need?!), bust what makes it the best is the base. Every other light I've purchased was either a clamp only or a table lamp only. The fact that this one is both, without having to purchase an additional accessory, along with the excellent -adjustable!- range of illumination makes this task light so much better than any other I've tried before!

Love my new Levo bookstand!

I had a Levo bookstand that I got three years ago. Unfortunately, that design failed after two years. This bookstand, the G2, is a much better construction. The design is sturdy and well thought out. I have had mine for three weeks now and I have not had to adjust it once since I set it up! My first one I had to adjust constantly as it would slip in height. I'm looking forward to years of use of the G2 bookstand. I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Love the computer & book LEVO.

Really like the quality of this product! Going to buy one for my dad for xmas.
Works at all levels and locations that I need! Easy packaging; easy to carry when packaging; simple to put together.
The interchangeable book and computer trays are excelent!!

Levo Book stand

The Levo stand was everything and more that I was looking for. Very high quality product.

Great product

Well made. Serves all the purposes I needed.

review of book holder

Be my last effort to leave a comment--Email form won't work. Good product, stronger than older version, harder to "load" a book on. Recommend to anyone needing help holding books.

Great! Thanks

My Levo iPad stand was the most appreciated gift my husband ever gave me.
I received it after a difficult surgery four years ago that laid me up for a while and have use it ever day since. It was a surprise that now I can't live without,
Recently the bungee cords begun to look saggy over time ( don't we all ) .
Husband came through again and contacted the company that sent out at a nonimal fee new cords and it is a good as new.
Thanks to both hubby and Levo.

book holder

I have an older book holder which still works fine. The new version may be a little more strongly made and is a little better looking. I recommend to anyone with arthritic hands. It is a little harder to "load" a book on the new than the old.


LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit

Flexible and useful.

I have been using the product for several days. It is well designed and easy to assemble, It accommodates many types of reading materials and easily adjust to the best reading angles. Me neck is gradually healing with its use.

Doesn't freely spin

After about a year of dealing with this, it's time to write a review. The lowerspinning joint is so tight it binds up and the whole base spins. The corners of the base bang any base board or wood furniture all up. Pretty frustrating. I give it two stars because of this flaw.


Handsome. Classy. Looks good against our hardwood floors. Use it every day. Great for the iPad. Keeps the iPad up and off counters and desk where it was susceptible to spillage and items dropping on it. I use it next to my computer desk, in the kitchen for listening to the news while cooking and prepping, while I sit in the massage chair, and while laying on the floor to stretch. I also got the book platform, but haven't use that yet. Highly recommend.

Happy to find cords

Was so happy to find replacements for my worn out bungee cords. Easy to find on Your website. Price was good and shipping was fast and easy. Thank you for making it easy for me to order what I needed.

Bungee cords

I love my stand and the shipment of the cords arrived quickly. My complaint is with the cords themselves. For such a wonderful product the cords don't stand up. True they are inexpensive but really couldn't a better product be made that is comprarable to the stand.

Tablet Stand

I am enjoying the tablet stand. It is a solid piece of equipment. Very functional. Pleased with my purchase and would recommend to others.

Great product

Significant reduction in neck pain and arm pain. Well made. Prompt delivery. Recommended.

Love the book holder

I am very happy with the new book holder I purchased. I can use it to hold a big library book or I can also use it to hold my iPad. I also drape the newspaper over it. This keeps my reading material at eye level so that I don't hurt my back and neck by leaning over all the time while I'm reading.

Entirely satisfied

The bungee cords now have our iPads secure in their stands. A great relief. They came in good shape and in good time. I immediately ordered backups and have them now.


I love my iPad holder and it was a pleasure to receive my replacement bungee cords so quickly and efficiently. Especially at such a reasonable price. Thank you, Margaret

Father's Day present

This is a fantastic iPad / kindle stand. I was looking for something that would hold the tablet over my face while I read in bed. Perfect!

Works great. Good price.

I needed replacement cords for my ipad stand. The stand gets a massive amount of use. Also at some point, one of the kittens we're fostering became fascinated with the original cords on my ipad stand. In his goal to protect my family from the vicious elastic bands, he destroyed 2 of them. These bands from Levo are very easy to install, very easy to relocate, and reasonably priced. I only needed one set but I ordered two because they were inexpensive, and just in case Sir Chewsalot decides to "protect" us again.

Table clamp stand

Great !!!

Satisfied customer

My order was filled promptly--thanks. Love my Levo!

Better than I thought

Had thought to find perhaps a music stand on which to place my tablet during protracted periods of use, such as classes and seminars. Then came across your product. Just finished two sessions of four days and evenings each. Lovely! No neck strain, no juggling device while taking notes, lap only warmed by my cat who cannot now find a way to park herself smack on top of device or book I am viewing the way cats do. Also nice to have a place to park tablet nearby while I am at sewing machine, so I can listen to a class while hands are busy. Easy to assemble and to use. Holds position with no drift. I may use additional straps to hold a speaker. More than satisfied. I will recommend this product to others.

Totally ecstatic

We got this Levo and really love it, very easy to put together, takes a little time, but will worth it. Works like a charm, just sit down and the Ipad is always ready as it stays charged the way that we set it up and is really beautiful, we had our son from Kentucky in on Tuesday and his picture with granddaughter was on the face page he was shocked and thought it was very nice.

Thank you so very much, we just love it.


I have neck and back issues. My eyedoc helped me find something that would allow me to enjoy my favorite thing, reading!
This arrived quickly, was easy to assemble and works really great!
I've recommended it to several friends.

My Sore Neck

Spend a lot of time reading. Looking down at books on my lap aggravates nerves in my neck. My Levo book stand has been a great part of my reducing the problem.

replacement cords

I have the big (12") Ipad. The cords are stretched tight so maybe didn't last as long as they would otherwise, so needed to order replacements. I ordered 4 sets. Arrived quickly.
Love the big stand as it keeps the ipad at eye level instead of tilting my head down. Has helped with my bad neck.

First Class Design and Comfort for You

Way to go, Levo! Fantastic product. I had the first Levo Tablet Stand & Book Stand and enjoyed it both for its functional use and comfort. I recently upgraded to the G2 Tablet Stand & Book Stand and was so pleased with its upgraded design and features that I ordered a second one. The G2 is engineered with attention to detail and with high-quality parts. It's made to last a very long time. Using the stand makes it so easy to read and use my tablet. It looks good too in my living room and bedroom. And all the positions you can adjust it to make it perfect for, I would think, anyone. Thank you, Levo.

New bungees made a world of difference

I was struggling with old longer bungees for years and these new ones made a world of difference. Completely satisfied !!

Very Good Product

Works very well with a tablet. Book holder is just a touch hard to get into the right position when used in multiple spots.

Neck saver

Love it no pain easy to set up

Great products

I have been using the iPad stand for several years and love it. Just bought more cords in case the original ones that came with it breaks. I received my stand as a gift and couldn't be happier with it

5 star

Fast shipping! Great product!!

Excellent product.

Overall extremely pleased. I have recommended it to many family members already. Thanks especially for the very heavy base on rollers....well thought out. I just now saw a picture indicating another nice maneuver ability which further enhances this excellently product. No more technek yea.

Bungee cords

Easy ordering, arrived on time, good product. I couldn't be happier with my Levo iPad holder. I ordered it several years ago and have had no problems with it. I couldn't live without.

Great for Travel

Really great portable battery to take with you anywhere you go. Makes a great gift, also. Love the digital read out.

Great stand

I love my Levo stand I plan to get another stand the one with the wheels I am very happy with my stand I recommend this to all my friends

5 star

LEVO G2 Essential Tablet Stand

Wonderful company

I have been using Levo book stands for at least three years, both at home and at my vacation place in New Hampshire. I just cannot live with out them, as I found recently when I fractured my ankle and was put on bed rest for six weeks. I wore out the original G1 models, probably since I am so hard on them. Erica, in customer service, has been just wonderful. She replaced all of the stands under the warranty. I recently purchased three of the new G2 models which appear to be much sturdier.Gave one to my 97-year-old mother in law who loves it. The new three-year warranty which replaces the lifetime, should be fine for her. In summary, I cannot praise this company and their products enough.

An Absolute Product

If you are an avid reader the Levo Book Holder Floor Stand is for you. And if you're not, this product is certain to increase your enjoyment of the reading experience. Say goodbye to uncomfortable positions in a chair or bed, straining neck and shoulder pains. This product eradicates all of the poor posture nuances of reading, and really makes reading any book from small to large a hassle free experience. The engineering and construction of the product is a solid foundation for success. Its adjustability is amazing, which allows total comfort and ease in reading. While other book stands require large spaces, or desk/lap stands this is a complete package that frees you of the hassle of constant adjustment or discomfort associated with other products. This is hands down the best product on the market, and well worth the value proposition it proposes.

Suggestions to the Company:
1. Either make the hardware assembly of the page supports tool free or provide the assembly tools in the package. Design and Manufacture of a multitool is optimal.
2. Redesign the packaging for a more compact box.
3. Packaging foam is not suitable to shipping - When I received my package the foam inside was busted and during assembly small pieces clung all over the product and all over my carpet. In addition it was between the cover plate and metal base. This required me to clean and assemble the product. Then clean my floors before I couId use the product. I would suggest using a paper foam product instead which will reduce your plastic consumption, position you organization as a green/blue company, and reduce space (transportation costs)

Couldn't have survived without my Levo

After large surgery with 2-3 month recovery/ neck is unable to move and in a hard collar. Without my wonderful Levō stand on wheels for reading or keeping up with things through my iPad , with light. Well I can't say anything but great tool,treat or toy for some of your quiet times in your life.