LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit

This specially designed book holder swaps out quickly from the tablet holder, to increase your reading enjoyment. Compatible with the LEVO G2 Tablet Stand.

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LEVO Platforms are interchangeable on LEVO G2 floor stands and table clamps.

Order this platform kit for your existing G2 model to hold hardcovers, paperbacks, textbooks, magazines, cookbooks, manuals, etc...

Compatible with Levo G2 only: 33768, 33777, 33764, 33750

NOT COMPATIBLE with LEVO G1 Floor Stands and Table Clamps


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  • how do you change the G2 Delux Tablet Stand to the G2 Book Platform Kit? Why can't I use G2 Book Holder Stand with an ipad?

    The parts that connects both the book and tablet platforms are designed the same.  The back of each platform has a small connecting arm with a protruding tab that inserts into a receptacle (cut out) on the stands horizontal arm.  Books are secured to the G2 Book Holder platform with velcro straps and page plates.  Since the Book Platform was not designed to safely secure tablets your tablet could crash to the floor, or perhaps worse, your face.

  • Is this compatible with Levo G2 model 33745 ? How can I change it?

    Yes. Our LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit works GREAT with our LEVO G2 Amped Tablet Stand. It's quick and easy to interchange between your tablet platform and your book platform. Simply push a button, then pull one platform out of the stand. Next, simply push your other platform into the socket.

  • Could I use this with the portable bed table? I read a lot in bed as well as use my IPad. I am looking for something where I can do both when on trips. I have both your tablet stand and book stand and love them. Thanks.

    Hi Diane, The LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit is not compatible with the LEVO Bed Table but you can use most books on the Bed Table, but not simultaneously with a tablet.  We do have a lightweight and easy travel Essential Tablet Stand that will work with the Book Platform Kit.  Here is the direct link: https://levostore.com/products/levo-essential

  • Does this Book platform work with all the tablet stands?

    Great question!  Yes, our LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit works with all our LEVO G2 Tablet Stands and our G2 Tablet Table Clamp.  

    You may have noticed our G1 Book Platform Kit.  This unit is compatible only with our G1 units.  (We have discontinued manufacturing our G1 Tablet Stands, but we offer the Book Platform Kit for those who ordered a G1 previously)

  • Is this compatible with Levo G2 model 33777 (POWERED)?

    Yes! Our Book Platform Kit works great with our LEVO G2 with power. In fact, you can use the USB charging port to power a USB light such as our LEVO LED light.


  • How easy is it to switch from the tablet holder to this holder, if I want to use both routinely?

    It is as simple as pushing a button.  

  • Are these big/strong enough to hold the new Harry Potter illustrated editions? Those are huge books.

    The LEVO G2 Table Clamps and the LEVO Floor Stands can hold books up to four pounds.  The LEVO G2 Amped Stand can hold up to seven pounds when sand is added to the base.    

  • Can I buy replacement clamps for the G@ model? I lost mine.

    If you are looking for page holders for your LEVO G2 Bookholder, you can find them by following this link: Page Holders.   If you need the Page Plates with the Velcro, you can buy these by calling our customer service line at 800-928-2322 Mon-Friday from 9-4 EST.

  • How do I determine what style stand I have? What are the dimensions of the book platform? I would like to use with a book that when open measures 16” x 11”.

    The easiest way to distinguish between our G1 series of stands and our G2 Series of stands is that our G1 Stands have a curved vertical post or "Shepard's Hook" similar to the product found on this page:  https://levostore.com/products/levo-g1-table-clamp?_pos=1&_sid=d1be98053&_ss=r  Our G1 Stands are all black and have thinner vertical and horizontal poles in comparison to our G2 Stands.  Our G1 Floor Stands also use a height adjustment knob to adjust the height.  

    Our G2 Stands' vertical posts are not curved.  The vertical and horizontal posts meet at a 90 degree angle.  The vertical and horizontal posts are thicker and they are in gunmetal black (dark grey).  Most of our G2 Stands have height adjustment levers that adjust the height.   All of the stands on our pages are G2 Stands except for the link provided above.  If you are not sure, please send us an image of your stand and we would be happy to let you know the model number you have.  Our customer service email address is sales@levostore.com

  • will this work with the Paperwhite?

    If you are referring to the Kindle Paperwhite e-Readers we recommend any one of our G2 Tablet Stands.  Our LEVO G2 Deluxe Book Platform Kit is a book holder accessory that can be used on our tablet stands to hold books.

  • Is this compatible with the rolling lap top workstation stand

    For our LEVO Laptop Workstation, we recommend ordering this kit to hold a book:  https://levostore.com/products/book-kit?_pos=1&_sid=d10c00887&_ss=r

  • I recently purchased the G2 deluxe iPad floor stand because I had shoulder surgery and cannot use one arm or hand. I love it and would now like to get the supplemental book kit for item 33777. I saw that one only needs” to push a button ...” to change from one platform to another. Is it likely I can do this with one hand (and perhaps some ingenuity)? Thanks.

    The LEVO Tablet and Book Platforms are simple to swap out but may prove challenging with one arm.  You may want to test this first.  I also recommend you try this when someone is there to assist you.  Once you build your current stand, you will notice how the tablet holder is mounted onto the horizontal pole.  To remove the tablet holder you will need to press on the button that is protruding from the hole on the horizontal arm.  This is the lock.  Once the button had cleared the hole, then you pull the platform out.  The book platform has the same locking mechanism.  Mounting a book onto the book platform may be more difficult with one hand but can be done.  You can also turn pages with one hand.  Here is a video link that shows how: https://www.dropbox.com/s/280x81j9vtkwr3b/LEVOOneHandedPageTurning.mp4?dl=0

    All of us at LEVO wish you a speedy and pain free recovery!

  • It says this can hold a book weighing up to - is that true even when you’re just beginning that book, and all of its weight is supported by just one side?

    The LEVO G2 Stands equipped with the LEVO G2 Book Platform Kits can hold books up to four pounds  It will also support up to 7 pounds if you add a counter weight to the base such as another heavy book or hand weights.

  • Can a person with use of one hand turn the pages ? I understand how they would move the page out from under the clam but how do they put it under? Do you have and videos? I am looking at this for a 93 year old stroke victim who has no use of the left side of her body

    Here is a little video we made to show how to turn the pages with one hand.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/lqqp7urm98itii5/LEVOOneHandedPageTurning.mp4?dl=0  

  • How large is the book holder? Will it hold a 15.6 inch laptop?

    The LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit is 16.5 x 12 inches.   It is designed to hold only books, magazines, and newspapers.  It will not safely secure a laptop.  The good news is, we are currently designing a LEVO Stand that will hold laptops.  We hope to have them available in a month.