LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit
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This specially designed book holder swaps out quickly from the tablet holder, to increase your reading enjoyment. Compatible with the LEVO G2 Tablet Stand.

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Product Description

LEVO Platforms are interchangeable on LEVO G2 floor stands and table clamps.

Order this platform kit for your existing G2 model to hold hardcovers, paperbacks, textbooks, magazines, cookbooks, manuals, etc...

Compatible with Levo G2 only: 33768, 33777, 33778, 33764, 33704, 33750, 33755

NOT COMPATIBLE with LEVO G1 Floor Stands and Table Clamps

Questions & Answers

  • How large is the book holder? Will it hold a 15.6 inch laptop?

    The LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit is 16.5 x 12 inches.   It is designed to hold only books, magazines, and newspapers.  It will not safely secure a laptop.  The good news is, we are currently designing a LEVO Stand that will hold laptops.  We hope to have them available in a month.  

  • Can I buy replacement clamps for the G@ model? I lost mine.

    If you are looking for page holders for your LEVO G2 Bookholder, you can find them by following this link: Page Holders.   If you need the Page Plates with the Velcro, you can buy these by calling our customer service line at 800-928-2322 Mon-Friday from 9-4 EST.

  • Are these big/strong enough to hold the new Harry Potter illustrated editions? Those are huge books.

    The LEVO G2 Table Clamps and the LEVO Floor Stands can hold books up to four pounds.  The LEVO G2 Amped Stand can hold up to seven pounds when sand is added to the base.    

  • How easy is it to switch from the tablet holder to this holder, if I want to use both routinely?

    It is as simple as pushing a button.  

  • Is this compatible with Levo G2 model 33777 (POWERED)?

    Yes! Our Book Platform Kit works great with our LEVO G2 with power. In fact, you can use the USB charging port to power a USB light such as our LEVO LED light.


  • Does this Book platform work with all the tablet stands?

    Great question!  Yes, our LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit works with all our LEVO G2 Tablet Stands and our G2 Tablet Table Clamp.  

    You may have noticed our G1 Book Platform Kit.  This unit is compatible only with our G1 units.  (We have discontinued manufacturing our G1 Tablet Stands, but we offer the Book Platform Kit for those who ordered a G1 previously)

  • Could I use this with the portable bed table? I read a lot in bed as well as use my IPad. I am looking for something where I can do both when on trips. I have both your tablet stand and book stand and love them. Thanks.

    Hi Diane, The LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit is not compatible with the LEVO Bed Table but you can use most books on the Bed Table, but not simultaneously with a tablet.  We do have a lightweight and easy travel Essential Tablet Stand that will work with the Book Platform Kit.  Here is the direct link: https://levostore.com/products/levo-essential

  • Is this compatible with Levo G2 model 33745 ? How can I change it?

    Yes. Our LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit works GREAT with our LEVO G2 Amped Tablet Stand. It's quick and easy to interchange between your tablet platform and your book platform. Simply push a button, then pull one platform out of the stand. Next, simply push your other platform into the socket.

  • how do you change the G2 Delux Tablet Stand to the G2 Book Platform Kit? Why can't I use G2 Book Holder Stand with an ipad?

    The parts that connects both the book and tablet platforms are designed the same.  The back of each platform has a small connecting arm with a protruding tab that inserts into a receptacle (cut out) on the stands horizontal arm.  Books are secured to the G2 Book Holder platform with velcro straps and page plates.  Since the Book Platform was not designed to safely secure tablets your tablet could crash to the floor, or perhaps worse, your face.

Customer Reviews

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LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit

This is a quality product at a very reasonable price. I purchased the LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit at the same time as the LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand. The Book Platform holds my books and magazines securely for perfect viewing/reading. This Book Platform and the Tablet Platform are very easy to change from one to the other. The page holders on the Book Platform work exceptionally well and do not get in the way of reading. The Book Platform easily rotates in just the right position making viewing/reading a true pleasure. I love to read in bed before falling asleep, so this works perfectly for me, even when laying totally horizontal...no more tired arms and shoulders! I am very pleased with my purchase of this quality product .....definitely recommended!


LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit

The new ones are so much cooler

It works like a charm
Good work keep it up!

g2 book platform kit

it works as advertised, my mom likes it and can read again with help after almost 3 years of not being able to.

Great product

For many, reading can be difficult, especially with neck or back issues. Levo was easy to assemble and provides innumerable positions to read comfortably. I have both the reading and tablet platforms and they are easily swapped. I love my Levo.