LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Floor Stand - Refurbished - Gunmetal Black

IMPORTANT - This LEVO is refurbished.

It's either an unopened return, or we inspected and repackaged it. Either way, it's a good deal. If you purchase this LEVO, here's what to expect;
  • All warranties as if it were new with the exception of electrical. Some units of these refurbished LEVOs might include our power option. We do not warranty the power function.
  • Our 30 day money back guarantee
  • Some parts might have small nicks or scratches, but nothing very extreme.
  • It's important to note that the packaging might look a bit beat up when you receive it.

Overall, it's a fully functioning LEVO that arrives in a used looking box. You might really enjoy the discount. We don't have images or information regarding the condition of any specific refurbish, but they are very close to looking brand spank'n new.

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This LEVO is loaded with features, like our quicklever height adjustment locks, a handy micro adjustment, a heavy-duty structure, a lustrous anodized aluminum finish, and quick release platforms for interchanging tablets and books (Book Platform sold separately).


LEVO’s 5 axis swing-arm quickly swings and folds when not in use, or when you’re ready to exit your furniture. When you return, you can quickly swing your tablet back into position so you can continue surfing in deluxe style anytime!


You can roll LEVO throughout your home so you can surf in bed, in your favorite chair or in your kitchen. LEVO is the perfect tablet and eReader accessory, and its lustrous anodized aluminum finish will look fabulous in your home or office.


For stability and security, this LEVO Tablet Floor Stand incorporates a substantial counterbalance that our users love! This makes it perfect for reading in bed. You’ll also be glad to know your device is safe from a catastrophic crash to the floor, as this LEVO’s 20-pound base provides unsurpassed sturdiness. Good thing it’s on wheels, so you can easily roll it throughout your home or office!


Why so many features to hold such a small device like a tablet? Your tablet is a serious device that brings the world to your fingertips. But, you can’t experience its full potential while it’s glued to your lap, stuck resting on a table top, or swaying on a cheap stand. LEVO floats your tablet or eReader at the perfect height and angle while you sit, recline, or lie in bed. You simply get cozy, then swing, yaw, and tilt your device into perfect position. Place your device horizontal, upside-down, or anywhere in-between.


Choose our powered option if you’d like to charge your device on your LEVO.

A. Your charging cable plugs into the USB Type A socket in the horizontal arm.

B. The included AC power supply plugs into the base, and can be unplugged to roll your LEVO throughout your home or office.



You’ll be able to secure and remove your tablet in seconds, and you’ll have confidence knowing your tablet is mightily secured. Clever design allows versatility in tablet sizes from most smartphones up to tablets measuring 13 inches diagonally. Works great with cases too as long as their diagonal measurement is 13 inches or less.