LEVO G2 Book Holder Floor Stand
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  • This breakthrough book holder adjusts so you can read books in a bed, a recliner, standing at a kitchen counter, or wherever you desire to read in hands-free comfort. You can even read in bed with your book upside-down.
  • Our LEVO Book Holder can hold books weighing up to 4 lbs, including hardcovers, paperbacks, textbooks, magazines, cookbooks and more.
  • It's quick and simple to adjust, and no tools are required. Our patented design allows our LEVO Book Holder to extend from either the right or left side of your furniture.
  • The adjustable arm positions the book at perfect eye level and angle. No more fatigued arms and back.

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Nothing is better than cozying up in bed to your favorite novel - except when you get an achy neck or fatigued hands from laying uncomfortably while trying to hold your book. With our LEVO Portable Book Holder Floor Stand, this can be a thing of the past, allowing people to read in comfort no matter where they are or how they are positioned. Sitting, standing, or laying down!


Our LEVO Portable Book Holder Floor Stand is great for holding a cookbook at the perfect standing height right next to the kitchen counter so you can bake that perfect cake, without getting batter on your book! The height easily adjusts from 3D inches to 56 inches, no tools needed. And this attractive stand has a sturdy base on casters, allowing you to roll it throughout the house.


Many people have issues reading because of neck or back problems -its just too painful. But now you can sit back, relax, and let our LEVO Portable Book Holder Floor Stand do all of the work. With our patented 5 axis swing arm, you are able to adjust the tilt and angle of your book for it to be just right. This means less pain and more time enjoying your favorite authors.


Grandpa always said "Work smarter, not harder", so the next time you need to write for school or work, use our LEVO Portable Book Holder Floor Stand to hold your reference materials or textbook at eye level, right next to your computer. This will allow for comfortable and ergonomic reading, and the smarter way to research or transcribe content. Our stand can hold hardcover books, paperbacks, textbooks, magazines, cookbooks and much more - up to 4 lbs., so your smart-working options are endless!

Please Note

This LEVO) stand is perfect for holding your favorite book, but if you are looking for something to hold books AND tablets, the better option for your needs is the Deluxe Tablet Stand (Item #33768) along with the Book Platform Kit (Item #33701).

NOTE: If you'd like a LEVO to hold books and tablets, then do not purchase the item listed above (LBH). It's much better if you choose our item #33768 (Deluxe Tablet Stand) and add #33701 (Book Platform Kit). You can search for these item numbers in our search tool.

Our reading book stand is a breakthrough in reading comfort! It's a book holder, paperback holder, and textbook holder!

If you enjoy reading without a LEVO, then you'll really enjoy reading with a LEVO. You've never experienced reading like this! The word "Levo" is a Latin word meaning - "to raise, lift up, relieve, ease." These are the exact functions the Levo BookHolder will provide you for years to come. This Levo BookHolder offers 6 unique movements to perfectly place your book in the most comfortable, ergonomic reading position. Whether reclining in your favorite chair or lying in bed cozied up with your favorite novel, the Levo BookHolder will remove the stress of arched necks and fatigued hands. Our patented design allows our LEVO Book Holder to extend from either the right or left side of your furniture. It's quick and simple to adjust, and no tools are required.

Our LEVO Book Holder can hold books weighing up to 4 lbs, including hardcovers, paperbacks, textbooks, magazines, cookbooks and more. Let our LEVO's revolutionary design and sturdy construction do all the work, while you simply relax and concentrate on your favorite author. You can use your LEVO with just about every type of furniture: chairs, recliners, and more. You can even read in bed with your book upside-down. Join thousands, and order your LEVO today. If within 30 days, you don't agree that our LEVO Book Stand has significantly elevated your lifestyle, we'll refund your purchase. LEVO Book Holder... Read at Your Best!


  • New - upgraded to LEVO G2 with more features and sturdier construction
  • Height adjusts from 30 to 56 inches - perfect for reading while sitting, standing, or in lying in bed
  • Sturdy base is on casters so you can roll it throughout your home
  • Quick lever height locks so you can quickly and easily adjust your book to the perfect height
  • 5 axis swing-arm to swing your book into place, then quickly folds so you can exit your furniture


Weight 34lbs
Dimensions Base is 13 x 13 inches. Height adjusts from 30 to 56 inches


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 3 year limited warranty


Questions & Answers

  • My sister is interested in the book holder but she is concerned about reading paper backs that tend to spring closed. She does not think the wires with the balls on the ends are strong enough to hold the book open. Will the stand hold a paperback book upside down?

    I understand her concern.  Books attach to the LEVO Bookholder Platform with page plates and velcro straps.  The spring loaded page holders can hold a signifant amount pages without issue, but if she would like to read supine, she should attach her book to the book platform with the straps.  

  • What is the dimension of the horizontal arm?

    The horizontal reach of the LEVO G2 Book Holder Floor Stand is 18" measured from the edge of the base to the center of the Book Platform.

  • Does this stand have a light to read by?

    Our LEVO Super Bright LED Light is a handy book light, reading light and multipurpose light for all sorts of applications.  Here is the link: 

  • Can you add extensions to the upright post of the Levo G2 for a very tall bed?

    We designed a "treadmill extender" which increases the vertical height from 56" to 72".  Here is a link to the page: https://levostore.com/collections/tablet-accessories-for-ipads-galaxy-fire-ereaders/products/levo-g2-height-extender  

    We offer it in two colors, gunmetal black and brushed silver.

  • Does this have an accessory that works with tablets?

    If you'd like a LEVO to hold books and tablets, then do not purchase the item listed above, LEVO G2 Book Holder Floor Stand. It's much better if you choose our item #33768 (LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand) and add #33701 (Book Platform Kit). You can search for these item numbers in our search tool.

  • how do i get it to work on either side. i am unable to get it to work with the stand on my right side while seated. seems only capable of working from the left side.

    Please move your Book Holder Floor Stand to the other side of your furniture.  Then, swing the book platform back 180 degrees to reach over you.  At this point, you will be looking at the back of the book platform.  Then flip the book platform end over end and you will see the front side of the platform.  Since it is upside down, spin it into the upright position.   

  • Hello, I live in Hawaii. Do you ship to Hawaii? If not, is there a vendor here who sells you product?

    Happy to let you know that we do ship to Hawaii.

  • Will it hold a Kindle Paperwhite?

    The LEVO G2 Book Holder Floor Stand was designed to hold books only, but we do have a similar stand that is equipped with a plaform designed specifically to hold tablets.  This is the LEVO G2 Tablet Holder Floor Stand.  You can find it here: https://levostore.com/products/levo-g2-deluxe

    If you would like a stand that will hold both books and tablets, you can by ordering the LEVO G2 Tablet Floor Stand mentioned above and add our Book Accessory Platform Kit.  You can find it here: https://levostore.com/products/levo-g2-book-platform-kit

  • Does the part that holds the book rotate?--I need to spend quite a bit of time lying on my side (not on my back) in bed, so I'm wondering if rotation to facilitate that position is possible.

    Yes! Our Book Platform rotates 360 degrees, and our book mounting method will hold your book while you read on your side. 

  • How well does this hold a standard paperback book?

    It works great for paperback books! We've been producing this book holding rig for over 15 years. It works so well, we haven't changed it. It holds paperbacks, textbooks, magazines, and loose paper very well. Our specially designed page holders make turning pages easy too.

  • What is the maximum wait book it will hold I have a book that weighs approximately 4 pounds

    The maximum weight capacity for this unit is 4 pounds. As an estimate, a book that is the size of a sheet of paper (8.5 x 11 inches) and 2 inches thick is about 4 pounds. That's a pretty large book. 

  • what are the dimensions of the package?

    The dimensions of the LEVO G2 Book Holder Floor Stand is 34lbs and is 25 x 20 x 8 inches

  • Why can't I use this for my ipad as well as book?

    Books are secured to the G2 Book Holder Floor Stands with velcro straps and page plates. These would interfere with your tablets screen and also its ports and buttons. The spring loaded page holders are designed to hold book pages.  Since the Book Platform was not designed to safely secure tablets your tablet could crash to the floor, or perhaps worse, your face.

  • Is the book holder "gentle" on books, especially thick books? I read a lot of new library books and don't want to break the bindings. It'd seem that holding a book wide open might damage the bindings.

    Great question!  The LEVO G2 Book Holder Floor Stand is designed to safely and securely hold books without causing damage.  This Book Stand can hold a four pound book, and if your book is larger you can add weight to the base to provide sufficient counter balance.  

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic for my neck injury

This book stand is the only reason I can start reading books and magazines again and I really love it. Thank you for making it happen.

Great Product - Great Service - Assembly Tip

I just bought this book stand - have not used it yet, but I think I am going to love it. I put it together myself (I am a non-mechanical, non-handy female) and all went well until the very last task - screwing on the little page-holder arms. I could not get the little nuts to thread onto the screws - I thought they were defective or wrong-sized. I called the Levo company and got instant support from Ericka. She explained that this was by design, as the page-holder should be tightly attached with a spring action feeling. So you need a wrench to hold the nut and a phillips screwdriver to really drive the screw into the nut - you cannot turn it by hand, which I was trying to do. Once you get the screw going and it breaks thru the rubber at the other side of the nut, you'll see the screw coming through. Make sure you have the washers on the stand on each side of the screw hole per the picture instructions. THAK YOU, Erika!

This thing really feels solid and steady - I rolled it into my bedroom, it rolls easily on low pile carpeting, and got my current book (Imperial Twilight: The Opium War and the End of China's Last Golden Age) on the stand and am ready to go for my nightly history reading without struggling with a hefty book - hands free for petting the cat!

Quality product, easy fast assembly.

Very pleased with this purchase. Holds my large heavy books. Easy to adjust to either left or right side of chair. Also bought the Levo led light. It works great with the stand. Construction is good. The entire setup is well designed.


LEVO G2 Book Holder Floor Stand

Close to perfect!

I really love this....we call it The Unit! To make it 5 star for me I'd want lock stops on the wheels because with some chair heights and people's leg lengths using the platform is perfect for a foot rest,until it rolls. I would also like a tool other than a penny to tighten things or a place that holds a few pennies on the stand,never seem to have a penny within reach when it's needed! It is a little costly but for what it has already done to help my spinal/neck issues when reading it is priceless. Thanks to whoever invented it!