LEVO Extend Your Phone


  • Adjustable height and angle for perfect positioning of your phone while you sit, stand, or lay down
  • Height adjusts from 13” to 32” for wide range of uses such as watching videos, filming videos, reading the news, working on your email, taking picture, and more
  • Specially designed padded base uses your body weight for stability
  • Quickly sets up as a tripod
  • Place it next to your monitor so your phone faces you … not your ceiling!
  • Place it next to your monitor to play music and reduce the strain on your computer
  • Perfect to use anywhere… in your favorite chair, while reading in bed, chilling at the beach, in airports, on a plane, and in the passenger seat of a car
  • Weighing less than a pound, it can be folded to fit in small bags, or for easy storage and travel
  • Magnetic cradle makes attaching and detaching so quick, it seems magical
  • Limitless positioning eliminates strain by viewing your device at the perfect eye level, helping prevent the physical and aesthetic effects of tech neck

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Product Description


Handy for taking photos and videos. Set the base on a flat surface, adjust the height, and shoot away! No need to search for a mug or tissue box to clumsily prop your phone. LEVO Extend Your Phone is quicker and easier to adjust compared to your standard tripod.


Nicely elevates your phone for use as a primary or secondary monitor. With your phone nicely placed next to your monitor, it can lessen the strain on your computer's resources. For example, by playing music through your phone rather than your computer, you'll free up some of your computer's resources. Have a bluetooth keyboard? Stand your phone on this LEVO, and it becomes a primary monitor for typing up emails, reports, and other work. Of course, it's great for video chatting too.


Sure it's easy to set your phone on a table. But it always ends up facing the ceiling so you can't really see your notifications unless you grab your phone. With your phone on this LEVO, it's propped so you can see your screen perfectly… even from across the room.

LOOK STRAIGHT - the best part

Here's the best part! Like to read in your favorite chair? You can prop your phone directly in front of you and at eye level while you sit or lay. Simply slide the base under your leg, then prop your phone at eye level. LEVO Extend Your Phone adjusts front to back and low to high. Grab some luxury time for yourself as you kick back and read or surf.

BEDTIME STORY - another best part

Do you smartphone in bed? Slide the base under your leg, then prop your phone at any angle - even inverted so you can read supine. No more phones bonking your head when you fall asleep. It's dreamy to read in bed with LEVO.


If you find yourself hunching over your smartphone, you should know that disturbing medical studies are constantly popping regarding the effects of TechNeck. While hunched over, your head puts up to 16 pounds of pressure on your spine. That's like supporting a heavy bowling ball with your kinked neck. Some studies show adverse effects in the spines of kids to adults. For more info, search online for TechNeck. LEVO brand products are thoughtfully designed to greatly reduce your chances of TechNeck. Our philosophy is "prevent it… don't treat it!"


Compatible with most smart phones including iPhone 6, 6 plus 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4,S5, S6, S6 edge, Note 2, 3, 4,5, LG G2, G3, G4

0.5 lbs (most smart phones)

Stand Weight 0.8 lbs
Minimum Height 11 inches
Maximum Height 32 inches (Measured from floor to center of your device)
Maximum Device Weight

0.5 lbs (most smart phones)

Materials stainless steel, ABS Polymer
Minimum Height 11 inches


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 6 month warranty


Ask a Question
  • Would this mount work with an iPad mini?

    It depends on the thickness and density of your case. If your case is thin enough to allow the magnetic mount to work, then it will work with your iPad Mini. If your case is cloth or thin plastic, then it may work. If your case is metal, then you would stick the included paper thin metal plate to the outside of your case. 

  • I have a plastic case on my phone as do most people - it says it's magnetic so would it work with the case on or would I have to take the case off to use this???

    Our magnetic mount works great with most cases unless they are very thick such as a notebook style case. It works very well with plastic cases. You simply insert the included paper thin metal disc between your case and your phone. The magnets are inside the cradle on the stand. It works very well and is super convenient! Simply place your phone on the cradle and it sticks in place. If you find that this smartphone stand does not work with your case, we'll refund your purchase.

  • What is the footprint of this stand when it's on a desktop?

    The footprint for our LEVO Extend Your Phone is 7x6 inches.

  • Would this work on the new iphone 12 Pro Max which weighs about 9oz?

    Our LEVO Extend Your Phone will work with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.