LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Floor Stand for all iPad, Kindle, Fire, Android, Samsung, Lenovo, Google, and Kids Tablets

Sit, recline, or lie in bed and LEVO will securely hold your tablet or eReader at the perfect height and viewing angle. Flip lever height locks and 5 axis articulating swing arm for quick positioning. Simply grab the platform then swing tilt and spin it into perfect view. No clearance needed under your furniture. Includes wheels so you can roll LEVO from room to room and reap its benefits day and night. Patented.

  • Super sturdy construction minimizes annoying bouncing while surfing or typing, and protects your valuable device from tipping over.
  • Swing-arm quickly swings and folds when not in use, or to exit your furniture. Quickly swings back in place at the exact same height and angle so you can continue surfing in deluxe style anytime.
  • Quickly spins from portrait to landscape so you can view your pages or photos at their best.
  • Interchangeable platforms so you can quickly switch from electronic devices to books and magazines (book platform sold separately).
  • Minimum height 30 inches, maximum height 56 inches (nice range) measured from floor to center of device. Height extension available for very high beds and treadmills.

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This LEVO is loaded with features, like our quicklever height adjustment locks, a handy micro adjustment, a heavy-duty structure, a lustrous anodized aluminum finish, and quick release platforms for interchanging tablets and books (Book Platform sold separately).


LEVO’s 5 axis swing-arm quickly swings and folds when not in use, or when you’re ready to exit your furniture. When you return, you can quickly swing your tablet back into position so you can continue surfing in deluxe style anytime!


You can roll LEVO throughout your home so you can surf in bed, in your favorite chair or in your kitchen. LEVO is the perfect tablet and eReader accessory, and its lustrous anodized aluminum finish will look fabulous in your home or office.


For stability and security, this LEVO Tablet Floor Stand incorporates a substantial counterbalance that our users love! This makes it perfect for reading in bed. You’ll also be glad to know your device is safe from a catastrophic crash to the floor, as this LEVO’s 20-pound base provides unsurpassed sturdiness. Good thing it’s on wheels, so you can easily roll it throughout your home or office!


Why so many features to hold such a small device like a tablet? Your tablet is a serious device that brings the world to your fingertips. But, you can’t experience its full potential while it’s glued to your lap, stuck resting on a table top, or swaying on a cheap stand. LEVO floats your tablet or eReader at the perfect height and angle while you sit, recline, or lie in bed. You simply get cozy, then swing, yaw, and tilt your device into perfect position. Place your device horizontal, upside-down, or anywhere in-between.



You’ll be able to secure and remove your tablet in seconds, and you’ll have confidence knowing your tablet is mightily secured. Clever design allows versatility in tablet sizes from most smartphones up to tablets measuring 13 inches diagonally. Works great with cases too as long as their diagonal measurement is 13 inches or less.

Some popular devices that are compatible

Tablet Devices

Mobile Phones

Customer Reviews

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Happy C.
Levo G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand

Love this tablet stand! Great design and well made. I have a large tablet with a heavy protective case, yet this stand can handle the extra weight with ease. I ike how easily and smoothly it rolls from room to room. Very easy to adjust height and to swivel my tablet. Great product!

My wife just loves her LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand

For Christmas, I got my wife the LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand, and I have to say, she just loves it. Whether she’s reading an e-book on her iPad or doing a video chat with her mom, the LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet stand is an ideal hands-free solution. Great product! Thank you, LEVO!

Gary L.
Outstanding design and product, no more crooked neck!

Looked all over eBay and Amazon for an iPad stand, and finally decided on this one. Rolling wheels allow me to move from high counter with high stool, to stationary exercise bike, to laid out recliner, with a perfect position for each!

At first the only issue was while my iPad with case was held in place, there was some wiggle room after locking the holder. But then I discovered that by pressing both sides of the clamp arms inward I could hear some clicking and then the iPad was held very tightly!

Great for making videos too. And between the 3yr warranty and the availability of replacement parts this will last me as long as I need it.

Kathryn L.
Kay's Opinion

While the construction of item is excellent, the actual iPad holder does not have sufficient movement to work for me. Stand must be on right side of bed and screen cannot be turned so as to be viewed well while in bed. It appears it is made for use from other side of bed????? Also, "clamps" are not positioned so as to accommodate the speaker portal - a must for me. Making do!!!!!

Vincent V.
Works As Advertised

I am older and holding an iPad Pro upright in bed caused my arms to go numb (sucks to be old). This tablet holder works perfectly. It hold the iPad in the air in front of me and I can relax my arms. The product is well made. Specifically, it hold its torque. It stays put where you move it and it moves on a number of convenient axes. I slide it away each morning so it does not stand out in the bedroom.