Cool Gadgets That Makes Travel Easier - The LEVO Luggage Tray with Removable Battery Pack

If you traveled this Labor Day holiday, you were most likely stuck in a car, on a train, or in an airplane. Let’s face it: travel can be long, arduous, and boring, so we take comfort in things that will entertain us. Sometimes this means a book or magazine, but more often these days, both to save space with what we pack and to give ourselves diversity in how we are entertained, we are relying on devices like tablets, netbooks, iPads, eReaders, and smartphones.

If you are going to be stuck at the airport, a bus station, or train station (or even in a car), we recommend our useful new product, the LEVO Luggage tray! You don’t have to worry about scrounging around looking for outlets at the airport, or feeling the surge of disappointment to discover your plane or train has no easy access to outlets, either. With our LEVO Luggage tray with battery, you can transform your carry-on into a charging station within a matter of seconds.. Power up and recharge your devices directly from the tray itself.

Space is prime and hard to find on airplanes these days. If you put the tray down from the seat in front of you, you barely have room to fit your laptop or tablet, let alone trying to put a snack or another device on the tray as well. With our LEVO Luggage tray, you have a nice, concise place to rest your electronic device. We make it easy and convenient.

Our Luggage tray with battery is the perfect item for business people, travelers, or for entertaining the family on long journeys. Knowing you will have a way to conveniently recharge your device and pass the time if there are long waits or delays in your trip will cut down on travel stress considerably and help you to just enjoy your trip, as stress-free as possible with our LEVO Luggage tray.

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Portable Desk

This item works perfectly. I need no longer to bend my neck to read and it holds the largest books well. Many thanks,
W. Jost Michelsen, MD


Everything was good!

Great Product and Service

My old bungee cords were wearing thin, so I ordered new ones to replace them. The new bungees arrived quickly though the mail and are working well!

Reading pain-free for first time in many years!

A neurological disease called Dystonia makes holding a tablet or book very uncomfortable for me. My neck, hands and forearms experience fatigue, pain and involuntary muscle contractions. With the LEVO Deluxe Tablet Floor Stand I'm now reading from an iPad relatively pain free. So much so I find myself using it every day. Saving my pennies to get the LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit. :-)

Assembly was fairly easy other than the base being a bit cumbersome due to its weight. Phone a friend if you need help. Once assembled that extra weight comes in handy as it prevents the stand from accidentally tipping over.

Great Product

Quality product. Quick shipment. Works exactly as advertised. I would recommend.