Radial Repair Kit for LEVO G1 Tablet and Book Stands

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Radial Repair Kit for LEVO G1 Tablet and Book Stands.  

Compatible with Units:

33478 -LEVO G1 Tablet Stand

LBH - LEVO G1 Bookholder Floor Stand


Customer Reviews

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Debbie W.
Always helpful

Levo was quick to respond to my email for a needed part for an iPad stand. I sent them a photo of the broken part and they helped me order the right replacement part. I’ve ordered iPad stands from this company for the schools I serve for many years and they have quality products and great service.

Anna B.
Happy Camper!

My daughter gave me the book stand perhaps 10 years ago for Christmas. I didn't have to struggle with pesky paperbacks; the arms kept the thing open for me! And the book stand is heavy enough to handle a big, hardcover biography or history book. It is so flexible that I can swing it around in front of me at just the right distance for comfortable reading.
My father died four years ago, and I culled his books and my books. I took 17 banker's boxes of books to the library. Rather than fill my shelves with physical books, I started loading my favorite authors and Book Club selections to my Kindle. The book stand works great for that, too.