LEVO Pro Clamping Ends for Tablet Stands with Dual Clamp - SET OF 4 (Complete Set)
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  • Works with tablets and cases up to 13 1/2 by 9 1/4 inches
  • Compatible with Face ID
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil with our without a case
  • Easy to install - no tools needed!


These Pro Clamping Ends are NOW INCLUDED with all LEVO Tablet Stands except LEVO Commercial - item#33773
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Product Description

Now included with all LEVOs except LEVO Commercial - item# 33773, and 33789

Our Pro Clamping Ends allow both Face ID and Apple Pencil to function simultaneously - with or without a case.

At all four locations of our Clamping Arms, you see the Clamping Ends. Our standard style is included with your LEVO, and they’re great for every tablet, and most cases. They even work for large tablets such as iPad Pro, but without a case.

If you’d like to use a larger tablet, such as iPad Pro, in a case then you’ll need our Pro Clamping Ends. They work with larger tablets and cases.

Video Installation link below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxf5i2axo7z60n0/35411_ProClampingEndsInstallation.mov?dl=0


Here’s a list of some compatible tablets. Of course there are too many to list so use our check list below.

  • Apple iPad Pro 12.9
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6
  • Samsung Galaxy Book
Clamping Ends

Would You Benefit from Pro Clamping Ends

Standard Clamping Ends

Security Clamping Ends

Security Clamping Ends are only included in our LEVO Commercial Stand - item#33773

Standard Clamping Ends
If your tablet or case fits the dimensions shown here, then
our Standard Clamping Ends will work great for you.

Pro Clamping Ends

Our Pro Clamping Ends are now included with all LEVOs except our LEVO Commercial. They are compatible with all iPad Pros, and are compatible with Face ID and Apple Pencil - even in cases.

Pro Clamping Ends
Pro Clamping Ends
If your tablet or case fits the dimensions shown here, then
you’ll benefit from our Pro Clamping Ends
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Customer Reviews

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Allen W.
Perfect for the Job

I had an older version of the Tablet Stand, and the new ends installed different.y, so I bought a whole new clamping cradle, and now it works perfectly. So, maybe 4 1/2 stars, for the incompatibility of design, but 5 1/2 stars for the utility of the stand itself. We have two, one for my wife in bed, one for me in my recliner. Her arms don’t hurt any more while reading, and I don’t have to hold my tablet up for several hours at a time. I’ve recommended your products to other people, and I’m glad to see that your line has extended.

Stephen M.
New clamps

Wonderful update so that I can use the camera on my surface Pro6.

Meg C.

Just the right size to hold my tablet in it's case.

Buy a spare set

These are fantastic. Although they already came with my desk-mounted tablet stand, I bought a spare set in case I ever felt I had to make any modifications. At $5 they're a bargain. All I can say is THANK YOU for making the mounts interchangeable. I have combined my two sets of clamps to achieve a secure solution for use with my Apple Pencil, even when the tablet is angled upside down. The short side is hooked and offers good retention, so I've used 3 of those, leaving the pencil charger exposed. Feels nice and secure.

Great PRODUCTS and Great Customer Service

Levo has well made and designed products. I have many of their products and they make life so much more productive. I am very pleased with their new optional larger clams. They work great with my iPad Pro 12.9 that has a cover that holds my Apple pencil.

They care about their customers and are very responsive. You will be happy with their desire to have happy customers.