LEVO SECURITY Clamping Ends - for Tablet Stands with Dual Clamp - SET OF 4 (Complete Set)
  • Works with tablets and cases up to 13 x 8 5/8 inches
  • Easy to install - no tools needed!

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When fully expanded, the maximum length between the two clamps is 13 inches on the long side and 8.6 inches on the short side. The minimum expansion is 7 inches on the long side and 4.3 inches on the short side. The total depth is 0.8 inches.
Standard Clamping Ends

Security Clamping Ends

Our Security Clamping Ends are best when you need to protect your tablet from theft. In combination with our Locking Dual Clamp (the cradle that holds your tablet) they deter theft. They work great with almost any tablet and most cases that fit the dimensions shown below. 

Note that these are not compatible with Face ID. For Face ID compatibility, use our Pro Clamping Ends

Standard Clamping Ends
If your tablet or case fits the dimensions shown here, then
our Security Clamping Ends will work great for you.