LEVO G2 Deluxe Rolling Laptop Stand WITH Mouse Tray

Your bed, couch, or favorite reading chair can now double as a workspace (workstation). Our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation extends over your furniture so you can sit comfortably all the way back in your chair, sofa, or bed. 5 freely moving adjustments give you the freedom to work in any position you want. Sit, stand or lie down. Our LEVO Laptop stand gives you the option to do all three.

  • Cantilever design extends your laptop over you so you can sit all the way back in your chair, not just on its edge.
  • Holds LAPTOPS up to 5 pounds and 17 inches wide.
  • Holds TABLETS up to 5 pounds and 17 inches wide with or without a case.
  • Sturdy 25 pound base keeps your laptop from toppling
  • Perfectly positions your laptop while you sit, stand, or lie in bed
  • Specially engineered structure minimizes bouncing while you type
  • Safely holds your laptop on the platform
  • Quick locking height adjustments
  • Quickly adjusts from sitting to standing position
  • Works great as a rolling art desk for holding art pads for sketching or painting
  • Holds books with our Book Kit Add-on (item#33715 sold separately)

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People love the features of our LEVO Tablet and Book Stands so much - we now bring you those amazing features - and much more - our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand allows you to swing and tilt your laptop into the perfect position! Feel the freedom of bringing your laptop to your favorite spot in the house or office, and work comfortably - whether you are sitting, standing, or laying down.


Imagine your laptop extended over your lap while you sit comfortably in your favorite chair or recline in your bed. It can be a reality! Our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand’s height and horizontal adjustments perfectly position your laptop so you can sit, relax, laptop and chill.


This LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand has sturdy casters so that you can roll it around your home or office, and a weighted base so that you can securely move the stand about with your laptop. Its hourglass-shaped base is both attractive and maneuverable around furniture.


Tired of sitting slouched over your desk all day? Our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand quick lever height locks allows it to be easily adjusted from sitting to standing. Trying working from a new perspective - and think how impressed your chiropractor will be!

LEVO Laptop Stand

Four adjustable shelf/rests can be raised to support tablets, sketch pads, sheet music, documents and more.

LEVO Rolling Laptop Stand

Mouse tray included! Can be secured to the left or right side of the desktop.


LEVO Laptop Stand
LEVO Laptop Stand
Platform Dimesions
Platform Dimesions

Accessories Sold Separately

Phone Mount

Now your phone can have a new home too - right next to you laptop

Book Kit

Add this Book Kit to your LEVO Laptop Floor Stand to transform it into a rolling book holder floor stand. Your LEVO will then hold books and laptops.


Add stowage space to your LEVO Floor Stand. Stow your stuff such as tablets, batteries, eye glasses, notebooks, headphones, medical equipment, books, or just about anything else!

Customer Reviews

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Love love love!!!

I love my laptop stand! It’s sturdy and works perfectly for use with my bed and recliner! Waiting for my basket and hopefully the mousepad ad tray will be available again soon!

Eugene L.
does the job

does the job, have 2 of these now. Would be nice to have a longer horizontal arm (like the tablet), but I guess that would cause the stand to tip over (since a laptop is heavier).

Tammy T.
Computer stand and mouse pad

Our kids purchase this for my husband for Christmas it was the worst investment ever they paid over $250 for a stand that tips the mouse pad falls off he keep grabbing them out bad and the mouse because everything he’s falling off the top keeps tipping if switch back to his old computer stand because we do not want to break his new computer every time I post a review they remove it We even went as far as contacting customer service and it was put together properly and we still have issues that they do not want to address do you have purchases and it’s a big waste of money

Tammy T.
Computer stand

Yes my husband was purchased this computer stand with the attached mouse pad also paid over $250 for it worst investment ever top of it keeps tipping the mouse pad keeps falling off it keeps grabbing the pad I wrote a review and they I already took it down Spoke with Customer Service on it and they said it was for together properly we switch back to his old computer stand because we are afraid to computer will fall off and break worst investment ever do not purchase Let’s see how long it takes for this review to come down because I can’t take someone else because they want to keep playing games and we went good reviews you should except our reviews

Tammy T.
Computer stand with attached mouse pad

This is the worst computer stand we have ever purchased and it was very expensive my husband got it as a Christmas gift we also talked with the happy customer service people and they said we had it put together right mouse pad keeps falling off the computer stand is so wobbly we have now switched back to his old computer stand and after spending over $250 he was the biggest waste of money ever instead of taking a risk of breaking his new computer we decided to go back to a computer stand we even purchased a computer with a proper weight for the stand and it still does not hold the computer up right it keeps tipping and you have to keep grabbing the mouse because he’s falling off because the mouse pad attachment keeps sliding down the biggest waste of money do not purchase