LEVO G2 Essential Tablet Stand
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LEVO Essential brings the tablet world to your fingertips at an attractive price. It holds your tablet while you sit, stand or recline. Bring your movie, reading or web surfing to the perfect eye level and let your arms and back relax.

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The new LEVO Essential floor stand is the accessory your tablet has been waiting for. It can be a struggle to try to operate your tablet and then read or watch something, all at the same time. Minimal set up time, a sleek look, and numerous features make this accessory a best seller. It is compatible with all smart phones and nearly all tablets on the market. In addition, it can accommodate any case, so there is no need to remove it before using the stand!


This product is constructed with high grade materials, making it a sturdy and long-lasting accessory. The durable aluminum frame reduces bouncing and moving while you're trying to control your tablet. A 4-axis swing arm allows the LEVO to change the position of your device to your exact specifications. It doesn't matter how you are positioned; you'll be able to adjust your tablet to the perfect viewing height every time.


The Essential floor stand includes a quick lever height lock. This allows you to adjust the height of the stand, quick and easy. Our floor stand is incredibly customizable. If you prefer to use the stand to read, a book platform can be purchased separately, and attaches with ease.


You can even adjust the tension in the arm, allowing you to control the swing resistance! It comes in three different finishes: black, cherry, and our special addition, skeleton bones! Who knew so many features could be offered in one incredible accessory?


Go ahead, get comfy cozy with your new tablet stand. It doesn't matter where you choose to sit, stand, or lay; your LEVO Essential floor stand will move with you, wherever you go! Float that smart phone, tablet, or book above you and get back to reading or working in style. The days of shoulder pain or eye strain from holding your device in an awkward position are gone. Simply swing it in to position and move it vertically or horizontally, for your viewing pleasure. The endless amount of features make this stand, well, stand out!


  • Compatible with all tablets and their cases measuring 12x8.7 inches or less
  • Sturdy aluminum frame minimizes bouncing and eliminates swaying while you surf.
  • Quick lever height lock for quick and easy height adjustment.
  • 4 axis swing arm for quick positioning.
  • Quick release platforms so you can switch from electronic devices to books (Book Platform sold separately).
  • Adjustable tension in each movement so you can control the swing resistance.
  • Lustrous aluminum finish looks fabulous in your home.


Stand Weight 8lbs
Minimum Height 26 inches
Maximum Height 43 inches (Measured from floor to center of your device)
Maximum Device Weight 4lbs
Maximum Device Dimensions 12x8.7 inches
Material Aluminum & Plastic


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 3 year limited warranty

Questions & Answers

  • My daughter wants to buy this for school as she is a tutor to younger grades after school. Is this practical to type on as well as watching tutorial videos? She wants her students to be able to interact with the screen. Thank you.

    Hi. This is a great question. If typing directly onto a tablet, it works great. Another good method for typing is to use a Bluetooth keyboard set on a lap or table. LEVO is amazing for watching videos. You can place your tablet in perfect view.

  • What is the reach of this LEVO Essential?

    Hello, thanks for your interest in our LEVO Essential Stand.  The horizontal reach for this unit is 13.5 inches.  Our G2 Deluxe Stands have a reach of 18 inches.  We have a great resource on our site which lists our stands and their specs side by side.  Here is the link: http://levostore.com/pages/help-me-choose-a-tablet-floor-stand 

  • Does the LEVO essential rotate to view iPad PRO Horizontally as well as Diagonally?

    Yes definitely. LEVO's platform rotates 360 degrees so you can view your iPad Pro at any angle.

  • Does this hold iPad Air 2? Thanks.

    Happy to say our LEVO G2 Essential will hold the iPad Air 2.  In fact, all LEVO Tablet Stands and Tablet Table Clamps will hold tablets as small as a cell phone and as large as the 12.9" iPad Pro.  

  • 1 Can it hold iPad 12.9 which is larger than all standard stands 2 do you offer fast shipping

    Yes. The 12.9 is a diagonal dimension. All of our LEVO Tablet stands are compatible with iPad Pro.

  • Will this hold the smaller Kindle 6" products?

    Yes for sure. It holds phones, such as an iPhone, up to a 12 inch tablet such as an iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface. 

  • Will the g2.essential tablet stand work well for bedside reading?

    The G2 Essential is ideal for chairs sofas and recliners but it can work with some beds.  The maximum height for this unit is 43 inches and has a horizontal reach of 13.5 inches.  For bedside reading,  I'd recommend our G2 Deluxe. http://levostore.com/products/levo-g2-deluxe

    The G2 Deluxe has a maximum height of 56 inches and a horizontal reach of 18 inches.  This extended reach makes it compatible with all your favorite furniture.

  • Does this hold a book for reading?

    This stand is designed to hold tablets only, but we have a book platform kit (currenty on back-order) but should be available soon.  It is item 33701.  

  • Up to what degree the arms of both LEVO G2 Essential Tab Stand & LEVO G2 Deluxe Tab Stand can swing ?

    The horizontal arm of the LEVO G2 Essential Floor Stand has a 45 degree swivel.  It works great if you are getting out of your chair or sofa.  The G2 Deluxe rotates 360 degrees.  We have a great resource on our site that shows the specs of our stands side by side.  Here is the link: https://levostore.com/pages/help-me-choose-a-tablet-floor-stand

  • will the tablet stand fit a microsoft surface 4?

    Hi Mark, thanks for your question.  Happy to let you know that the LEVO G2 Essential Tablet Stand will hold a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Customer Reviews

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Levo G2 Stand

Just what we wanted- a nice quality basic stand at a reasonable price that went together in 2 minutes and actually works- what else could you ask for!
Thanks Dave for a nice product at a nice price-

Better than I thought

Had thought to find perhaps a music stand on which to place my tablet during protracted periods of use, such as classes and seminars. Then came across your product. Just finished two sessions of four days and evenings each. Lovely! No neck strain, no juggling device while taking notes, lap only warmed by my cat who cannot now find a way to park herself smack on top of device or book I am viewing the way cats do. Also nice to have a place to park tablet nearby while I am at sewing machine, so I can listen to a class while hands are busy. Easy to assemble and to use. Holds position with no drift. I may use additional straps to hold a speaker. More than satisfied. I will recommend this product to others.

Very Good Product

Works very well with a tablet. Book holder is just a touch hard to get into the right position when used in multiple spots.

Neck saver

Love it no pain easy to set up

Great stand

I love my Levo stand I plan to get another stand the one with the wheels I am very happy with my stand I recommend this to all my friends