LEVO LED Task Hobby Craft and Reading Light
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Great for low-light reading rooms, hobbies or "do-it-yourself" projects, the ultra white, portable, 28 LED LEVO lamps will clamp or stand anywhere you need it. Also easy on the eyes.

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Product Description

Our LEVO Super Bright LED Light is a Handy Book Light, Reading Light, and Multipurpose Light For All Sorts of Applications

Whether you're reading a good book, fixing the kitchen sink, or working on hobbies, our LEVO LED Task Light will become one of your favorite household accessories. It offers 28 super bright LED lamps and three levels of brightness. Set it on your office desk or kitchen table for extra light. You can also clamp it into place. Clamp opens up to 2 inches so it can be secured to a wide variety of objects. Great for camping too.

3 Power Choices: AC adapter (included), USB (included), or 4 AA bateries (not included).

Perfect choice to light up our Levo BookHolders


  • 28 super bright LED bulbs last over 10,000 hours
  • Sets on flat surface or clamps to objects up to 2 inches thick
  • Easy-on touch sensitive switch
  • Cool to the touch
  • Flexible goose neck
  • 3 Power Choices: AC adapter (included), USB (included), or 4 AA bateries (not included)
  • 3 Levels of brightness


Weight 1 lb
Dimensions 3 x 4 x 15 inches
Assembled Height 15 inches
Assembled Length 3 inches
Assembled Width 4 inches
Material Plastic


  • 30 day money back guarantee

Questions & Answers

  • Can you clamp this light to the G2 Bookholder?

    Great question!  The LEVO LED Task Hobby Light is perfect to clamp on the G2 Book Platform. In fact, you can use the LEVO LED Task Light just about anywhere. The clamp opens up to 2 inches, so it can be secured to a wide variety of objects. 

  • How long will alkaline batteries last?

    The LED bulbs use very low power. Under heavy use, your batteries will last over a month.

Customer Reviews

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Best task light!

This is a great task light. The led brightness is adjustable, the viewing area that's illuminated is actually helpful! (How many times have you had to buy multiple lights to cover the are you need?!), bust what makes it the best is the base. Every other light I've purchased was either a clamp only or a table lamp only. The fact that this one is both, without having to purchase an additional accessory, along with the excellent -adjustable!- range of illumination makes this task light so much better than any other I've tried before!

Couldn't have survived without my Levo

After large surgery with 2-3 month recovery/ neck is unable to move and in a hard collar. Without my wonderful Levō stand on wheels for reading or keeping up with things through my iPad , with light. Well I can't say anything but great tool,treat or toy for some of your quiet times in your life.


I love to study in the night time when I am in bed, this is the perfect light to use.

Levo LED Bookholder Light

I just received my second light. The first one lasted over three years . It enables me the read in bed. The variable light display is very. useful. I am very happy with the product and with the entire book holder product.

LEVO Multipurpose LED light

This is great for taking on a trip when you want to see a laptop keyboard without having to turn on hotel room lights. This helps keep the room mostly dark for someone sleeping, but allows the laptop user to clearly see a keyboard.