LEVO G2 Essential Tablet Stand with USB Charging
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NEW! The LEVO Essential, now with USB Charging! It holds your tablet while you sit, stand or recline. Bring your movie, reading or web browsing to the perfect eye level and let your arms and back relax. Surf, watch movies, or work while this LEVO charges your tablet or smart phone.

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Our patented LEVO Essential floor stand had already impressed us with its versatility. Now, LEVO has designed this new, incredible stand with USB charging capabilities! You can easily view those vacation pictures at the angle and direction they were meant to be seen. This is the feature that makes our product truly stand out from the rest.


You don't have to worry about your tablet dying while its strapped in to the stand, as you watch your favorite movie. Simply plug your device in and you're off! The USB charging station has been constructed with high-grade wiring for maximum output, making frayed wires a thing of the past. This complete package is the accessory your tablet or eReader has been waiting for.


Our product is compatible with all tablets, eReaders, and smart phones alike. The Essential floor stand is fabricated with durable and stunning aluminum. This gives it a sleek look and a bounce free viewing experience, as you move your tablet into position.


Our quick lever height lock allows for complete customization no matter your physical position. Once you have adjusted the height, the LEVO arm can then swing into any position from vertical, horizontal, to everything in between. Adjust the tension for more or less resistance. Prefer to read books? Don't forget to purchase our separate book platform; it attaches to the stand without any hassle!


  • Includes USB charging using hi-grade wiring for maximum output
  • Compatible with all tablets and their cases measuring 12x8.7 inches or less
  • Sturdy aluminum frame minimizes bouncing and eliminates swaying while you surf.
  • Quick lever height lock for quick and easy height adjustment.
  • 4 axis swing arm for quick positioning.
  • Quick release platforms so you can switch from electronic devices to books (Book Platform sold separately).
  • Adjustable tension in each movement so you can control the swing resistance.
  • Lustrous aluminum finish looks fabulous in your home.


Stand Weight 8lbs
Minimum Height 26 inches
Maximum Height 43 inches (Measured from floor to center of your device)
Maximum Device Weight 4lbs
Maximum Device Dimensions 12x8.7 inches
Material Aluminum & Plastic


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 3 year limited warranty

Questions & Answers

  • Will this item hold an Apple Ipad

    Yes. It is made for all iPads from iPad Mini to iPad Pro. This LEVO Tablet Stand will hold any tablet measuring 12" or less on its longest side.

  • How do you charge the device while on stand

    Great Question!  One side of the AC cord plugs into the back side of the base of the stand. You can then plug the other side of the AC transformer into a socket on a wall.  Once your tablet is mounted on the tablet platform or cradle, use the USB cord that came with your tablet and plug it into the USB socket located on the underside of the horizontal swingarm and then into your tablet for charging. I use a coiled charging cable like the one in the link below. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FZM2X4O/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    With this setup, you can charge your tablet while it’s attached to your LEVO. There’s even a battery compartment in the back of the tablet cradle. We offer a rechargeable lithium ion battery made to fit inside this battery compartment. It’s a 6600mAh battery that can be used with your LEVO, and also as a stand-alone portable battery. If you need full-time battery power, you can utilize two or three batteries. While one or two are charging, one can be powering your tablet while it’s secured to your LEVO. Here is a link to our LEVO Rechargeable Battery Power Bank.   http://levostore.com/collections/levo-accessories/products/levo-rechargeable-portable-battery-power-bank-6600mah-1