LEVO G1 Table Clamp Tablet Stand
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  • Floats your tablet or eReader at the perfect height and viewing angle, while you sit, recline, or lie in bed
  • 4 Axis swing-arm positions your tablet exactly where you need it, then collapses out of your way
  • While most clamps require a tabletop overhang of up to 2 inches, our patent-pending clamp can attach to tables with overhangs as little as ¼ of an inch
  • Lightweight - use it in your home or take it anywhere - fits in your carryon luggage too
  • Use it with your side-table or coffee table next to your sofa, at your desk, on your kitchen counter to hold recipes, or bedside stand for reading in bed
  • Holds iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Tab Pro, and all other tablets 12 inches or less. Best of all, it works great with our without cases
  • CLEARANCE PRICE - a newer model is available 33764

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Product Description

The LEVO G1 Tablet Stand Table clamp-on holder is a great accessory for your iPad®, Kindle®, or other tablet PC, and eBook. Once set up, it only takes 2 seconds to fasten and remove your device. Use it at your desk, with or without a keyboard, or use it in your kitchen while you recreate the newest recipes with your iPad.

Questions & Answers

  • Will this work with iPhone 6?

    Yes! It works with all tablets and phones measuring 12 inches or less on one side, including iPad Pro and all iPhones.  It even works great with any tablet or phone while in their case.

  • How far does the arm extend? My table is about 18 inches from my chair.

    It reaches 13.5 inches from the edge of your table to the center of your device. Here's a link to our page that shows all the details.


    We have a LEVO G2 Floor Stand with a reach of 18 inches.  Here is the link to our Tablet Stands that shows all the details.


  • Does this tilt back and forth as well as rotate?

    Yes. It tilts, rotates, swings, yaws, and goes up and down to perfectly place your tablet. This is a very nice item that we put on sale because we have a newer version.

  • Will this work with a kindle? Or what about books?

    Hello, and thanks for your interest in our LEVO G1 Table Clamp Tablet Stand.  Happy to say that this unit will work with great with your Kindle.  Due to the revolutionary bungee system, it will hold tablets as small as most cell phones up to the iPad Pro which has a 12.9-inch display.  This unit comes equipped with a tablet holder, but if you are interested in using this for books we have a book platform kit which can be added.  You can find the book platform kit here: http://levostore.com/collections/tablet-accessories-for-ipads-galaxy-fire-ereaders/products/levo-g1-book-platform-kit