Levo G2 Tablet Stand Height Extender
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Extends the height of LEVO G2 Deluxe Floor Stand for use on treadmills, high beds, ets.

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Product Description

Adds 20 inches to the height of LEVO G2 Deluxe Floor Stands Item#33768 and 33778.

Your LEVO G2's Tablet Stand or Book Stand height will increase from 56 inches to a whopping 76 inches. It's perfect for treadmills or high beds.

Compatible with the following models ONLY:

  • 33768 - LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Floor Stand (NOT the Power edition 33777)
  • 33778 - LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Floor Stand
  • LBH - LEVO G2 Book Holder Floor Stand


Ask a Question
  • Do you have a diagram of how and where this attaches. When the extender is attached does the stand go down to the same lowest resting height as without it or is it taller?

    We don't currently have a diagram, but your LEVO G2 tablet stand or book stand height will increase from 56 inches to a whopping 76 inches. It's perfect for treadmills or high beds. Note that the lowest height increases by 20 inches, so it will not go down as low as it can without the treadmill extension. See below.

    Without Treadmill Extension
    Min height: 30 inches.
    Max height: 56 inches.

    With Treadmill Extension
    Min height: 50 inches.
    Max height: 76 inches.

  • How do I install the Levo G2 Deluxe Floor Stand (#37768) Height Extender? I need specifics, please, as I already own the extender and have tried unsuccessfully to install it to use with an elyptical.

    Hello, this link will take you to a video on how to assemble the Levo G2 Deluxe Height Extender.

  • Is the Levo G2 Table Stand Height Extender compatible with the LEVO G2 Table Clamp Tablet Stand?

    The LEVO Height Extender works only with the LEVO G2 Deluxe Model Floor Stands.  It is not compatible with the LEVO Table Clamp Tablet Stand.

Customer Reviews

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Levo G2 Tablet Stand Height Extender

Great Stand

Solid stand that will make your reading far more comfortable and less straining on your neck.

Love my new Levo bookstand!

I had a Levo bookstand that I got three years ago. Unfortunately, that design failed after two years. This bookstand, the G2, is a much better construction. The design is sturdy and well thought out. I have had mine for three weeks now and I have not had to adjust it once since I set it up! My first one I had to adjust constantly as it would slip in height. I'm looking forward to years of use of the G2 bookstand. I couldn't recommend it more highly.

5 star

Levo G2 Tablet Stand Height Extender