LEVO Bungee Cord - 4 Pack
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Bungees allow for quick changes between devices of different sizes.

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We just developed a NEW Tablet Cradle

 Check it out here.



Additional Bungee Cords for our Tablet Platform are handy.

Our LEVO Bungee Cords are compatible with multiple devices. This way, you can quickly interchange between your various tablet pc's and eReaders. For example, you can pop off your iPad and pop in your Kindle.


  • Additional bungee cords for quick interchangeability of devices
  • 4 bungee cords to a set


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    Quantity 4 cords


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    Ask a Question
    • I use existing cords for iPad. Would extra ones hold a book?

      Bungees are used only to secure a tablet to the tablet platform.  If you would like to read books on your G2 LEVO Stand, we offer a Book Holder Kit that you can interchange the platforms out with a push of the button.  Here is the direct link: https://levostore.com/products/levo-g2-book-platform-kit

    • I have an older “levo holders” stand with snap lock device that allows you to shorten or lengthen stand. Are these bungee cords ompatible with that model

      If your LEVO Stand has a bungee tablet holder then these are the cords that can be used to fasten your tablet to the bungee mount.  You may also consider upgrading your bungee platform to our dual clamping tablet cradle which can be found here: https://levostore.com/products/levo-dual-clamp-tablet-cradle-for-levo-g2-tablet-stands?_pos=2&_sid=70c89125e&_ss=r&variant=4688531292193

    • How can I tell if I have a G2 that is compatible with the new tablet cradle?

      Our first stands were G1s.  They are not compatible with our new dual clamping tablet platform.  G1 Stands used a height adjustment turn knob to raise and lower the height and the top of the vertical post had a Shepard's Hook.  Our G1's looked similar to the stand found here: https://levostore.com/products/levo-g1-table-clamp?_pos=1&_sid=66cec7407&_ss=r

      A few years ago, we replaced the bungee platforms on our G2 Stands with our new Dual Clamping Tablet Cradle.  If your stand looks like those found on our site and does not have a turn knob and Shepards Hook, then our Dual Clamping Tablet Cradle is compatible.  

    • I have a tablet platform that uses the bungee cords to hold in place. Can I adapt the Tablet cradle to my existing tablet platform instead of using the bungee cords?

      Yes, if you have our LEVO G2 series. Our LEVO Dual Clamp is compatible with the following item numbers: 33768, 33777, 33750, & 33764.

    Customer Reviews

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    Alexis D.
    Levo Bungee cord4 Pack

    Exactrly what I needed and ordered./ Shiped promptly..Thanks

    Frank P.
    Perfect Service

    I don’t know why Levo’s stands aren’t as ubiquitous as desks and table lamps. I find them essential and while they’ve gotten better with each iteration, they still provide parts for earlier models.

    Vicki M.
    Perfect for posture

    The reason I bought my iPad stand 3 years ago was to make sure my neck didn’t end up bending any more than necessary while reading my iPad. It’s the smart way to assure better posture as we age.

    David P.
    Satisfactory product, ridiculous shipping charge

    The old bungee cords lasted several years and the new ones appear to be of similar quality. They arrived in a timely fashion. However, the charge for this item was exorbitant and the shipping charge, which was as much as the cost of the item, was ridiculous.. I still love your stand which I've had for many years and functions well.

    Debra S.
    More bungee holders

    Love my computer stand. Great for using while in bed.