LEVO Bungee Cord - 4 Pack
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Bungees allow for quick changes between devices of different sizes.

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We just developed a NEW Tablet Cradle

 Check it out here.



Additional Bungee Cords for our Tablet Platform are handy.

Our LEVO Bungee Cords are compatible with multiple devices. This way, you can quickly interchange between your various tablet pc's and eReaders. For example, you can pop off your iPad and pop in your Kindle.


  • Additional bungee cords for quick interchangeability of devices
  • 4 bungee cords to a set


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    Quantity 4 cords


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    • I use existing cords for iPad. Would extra ones hold a book?

      Bungees are used only to secure a tablet to the tablet platform.  If you would like to read books on your G2 LEVO Stand, we offer a Book Holder Kit that you can interchange the platforms out with a push of the button.  Here is the direct link: https://levostore.com/products/levo-g2-book-platform-kit

    • I have a tablet platform that uses the bungee cords to hold in place. Can I adapt the Tablet cradle to my existing tablet platform instead of using the bungee cords?

      Yes, if you have our LEVO G2 series. Our LEVO Dual Clamp is compatible with the following item numbers: 33768, 33777, 33750, & 33764.

    Customer Reviews

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    Replacement cords for a fantastic tablet stand

    The LEVO stand was a life saver... well, a sanity saver at least. My MIL had an injury that required her to be flat on her back with her head flat for 22 hrs a day for several weeks. This stand enabled her to watch Netflix on an iPad that was positioned over her in bed. It was secure and stable. We liked it so much we got another one... and then promptly lost the cords that make it work. Thank goodness they sell them separately!


    I love my Levo stand, I have had for about 4 years and I use it every day. I am an artist and use it for my reference photo on my tablet, I can zoom in on an area if need be , like I said, PERFECT!! I use it for a lot of other things too, but that is the reason I bought it to begin with. Thank You Levo!

    Exactly as Ordered!

    I ordered two sets of the bungee cords as backups to the originals (that are still holding up just fine) but I have a new computer connected to my Levo stand and just wanted to be sure I have the most secure fasteners possible. Thank you!

    They are ok.

    Pretty much the same as the originals so I expect them to wear out after a couple years. Kind of crazy the shipping costs more than the product.

    Extra service

    Even though they were officially out of stock they encouraged me to go ahead with my order because they had a few extra left. I received them in a short time.
    I was impressed with the extra effort.