REFURBISHED LEVO Second Arm for 33761 - Holds Tablets on SOME of our Laptop Stands

Become a production powerhouse with this additional arm.

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ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH OUR LAPTOP WORKSTATION, ITEM 33761, THAT USES A BOLT TO ATTACH THE VERTICAL POLE TO THE HEAVY BASE.  Please check the underside of your base before ordering.  This arm is NOT compatible with our G2 Deluxe Tablet or Book Stands. This arm is NOT compatible with our Laptop Workstation, item 33742.

You can add this bracket to your LEVO Laptop Workstation to hold tablets or books. It's compatible with item#33761- LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand. It's NOT compatible with our V16 stands. If you work from home, you might become a production powerhouse with this additional arm. You can plug in either our Dual Clamp to hold tablets with your laptop, or plug in our Book Platform Kit to hold books or documents with your laptop.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa E.
Relief after neck surgery

After having neck fusion surgery, this has been really helpful in reducing the strain on my neck. It is sturdy and well made! Thank you for making my life easier!

Jacklyn R.
Another great Levo product

I highly recommend this product. I love the Levo quality and concept. I do wish the base was a little bit heavier that way the stand doesn’t tip over while using it on a table or counter top. Also, I need to purchase additional magnetic squares but I do not see the option

Janet P.
1 star

Within a week of using this stand, it fell apart. I was very disappointed as it is a good idea, but is not well made.

Sophia G.
So good I bought 10 to send to friends and family

I adore this product. It is by far and away the best phone holder I've ever used. I also use it with my kindle and ipad mini. Love it and recommend it widely. Because of how awesome this product is for me I've bought 3 other levo products, and I love them all too. Great company with awesome products.

David F.
This is a Must-Have for Everyone Addicted to their Smatphone

This is the innovation I've been waiting for. I'm constantly finding myself hunched over the iPhone and developed neck pain, shoulder pain, and hand numbness. I use the LEVO Extend on my desk all the time to check emails and texts while working on the computer. I can keep typing and concentrating on the main tasks while monitoring the phone (rather than using a distracting split screen). It's also very useful during Zoom conferences -- you can keep engaged in the Zoom while not having to avert your glance to check on work emails or monitor texts from the kids. It's also very helpful during floor exercises and weight training because the telescoping arm allows many options for positioning the phone without having to carry it around. I use a 2.5lb weight from my barbell set to keep the base from tipping over when loaded with the iPhone ion the desk or floor. So many uses ... highly recommended.